The Current State of Film and Hollywood

There is a chance that Hollywood has it right. Most of the films that are released in the studio system aren’t good. Most of us recognize that the film Transformers, even though it is entertaining and made a lot of money, isn’t a good movie.

The Vampire Diaries

With the popularity of Vampire television series these days, it may be hard to choose the right one. The Vampire Diaries is a television show which airs on The CW network.

Memorable Sports Movies That Were Released in the Past Ten Years

This past decade brought us some incredible sports films. Here are the best of the best.

Dilip Kumar the First Super Star of Hindi Cinema

India is a poor country with a low per capita income, yet the film industry is perhaps bigger than Hollywood. Perhaps the success of the film industry is dependent on its ability to sell dreams to the improvised masses. The Indian film industry is dominated by Hindi cinema though Bengali and Tamil films do have their own niche.

Top 5 Tips How to Pick the Perfect Movie Library

How do you find the perfect movie library that fits your needs, just follow those 5 steps and you will find the perfect movie library. There are many websites that offer some kind of software to organize your movie collection. Some websites are very complicated and require a master’s degree in computer science in order to use them.

Prison Break Season 1 – The Beginning of an Amazing Series

Prison Break Season 1 started in 2005 and quickly became an incredibly popular show about innocence, murder, and mystery. Many people believed that the first season could have been made into a very high quality film due to the engrossing plot and action, though the writers managed to stretch it into a full four seasons.

A World of Imagination Begins at the Theatres

In the entertainment industry, theatres have always been a key character in the show. It is where the stage or screen is housed. It holds the seats for the patrons. It also sells the eats and drinks that cap off the experience. No matter which type of one you visit, the reason is to be carried away on an imagination journey.

Top 10 Family Movies

If you’re looking for an affordable fun-filled activity that you and your family members can enjoy, then you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Watch a movie!

Can You Influence What Airs on TV?

Ever been concerned about what you see on television? What your children see? Want to know if you can influence the programming you do and don’t want to see on TV? You can make a difference if you begin taking some specific initiatives.

One Life to Live Has Me Confused!

How did Eli turn bad? I cannot figure out how he knows Ford or why he would want to beat him to death? And what does he have against Marty?

Why Hire a Home Theater Installation Company?

With the economy the way it is now, everyone is trying to save a little money by do it yourself projects such as installing a home theater. However, there are some solid reasons to avoid doing it yourself in this case and they too involve saving money.

Sports in HD – The Way it Was Meant to Be Watched

There are dozens of ways HDTV brings more to your sports events. From the picture quality to the increased information available, HDTV allows you to enjoy sports in ways never before dreamed of.