The Fountainhead of Joy and Relief

Movies have always been one of the best sources of entertainment throughout the world. Bollywood movies are now worldwide popular and watched with great passion. These movies are now boasting of huge fan base all over the globe.

Black Women, Hollywood is Just Not That Into You

It’s unclear when my epiphany came that Hollywood not only is not into to black women but actually hates them. Yes, this is a play on words, stolen from the hit book and surely to become hit movie He’s Just Not That Into You.

The Slumdog World

So who are watching the film, the Slumdogs who want to become millionaires or those millionaires who are facing the slumdog future because of the pink slips? Or all of us who have suddenly found so much of spare time because of no or less work pressures. The world today presents a bleak economic picture, everyone is looking for a miracle; be it Obama or Manmohan Singh.

The Twilight Movie Cast – Who Would You Choose?

There are many who think Twilight movie cast are not the characters in the Twilight novel. Who would you choose? Here are my thoughts on the characters of the Twilight Saga.

How to Get Accurate Legal Transcription Services?

Legal transcription has becoming a popular trend in this speeding market business. It is not only growing business for large and smaller service provider but also for home based freelancers as well.

What Happened to the Once Loved Richard and Judy?

Richard and Judy have been on everyone’s prime time screens for over two decades. Since there marriage to one another in 1986 they have built a lasting relationship both onscreen and off screen. They first shot to fame as hosts on the newly formed This Morning way back in 1988.

Office Space Cast Reunites For 10th Anniversary Celebration at the Paramount

Director Mike Judge, along with many of the cast members, descended on Austin this weekend for the 10th Anniversary showing of their cult-classic late nineties workplace comedy, “Office Space” Austin’s own historic Paramount Theater played host to the movie mogul and his cast members including just about everyone except Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston. Fans lined up well in advance of the 8:00 p.m.

Why Bother Watching Supernatural Episodes?

The world of the paranormal is back – back in television that is. The signs were clear when the shows Lost and Medium, by ABC and NBC respectively, have been gaining ratings.

Watching Movies For Free and Cheap!

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie that was just left the theaters? Or perhaps you’d like to watch one of your favorite movies for free even though you don’t have the DVD. Whatever the case, there are all sorts of ways to watch free movies. Freebie sites are just one of the ways that are discussed that will help you get free movies and cheap movies so you can watch them right on your own television screen!

Review – Slumdog Millionaire

Film review of Danny Boyle’s Bollywood movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Is it really a “feel-good” movie?

Heroes – Trust and Blood – Ramblings of a Constipated TV Critic About Microwaves and Cheerleaders

WARNING: This week’s Heroes wrap up makes references to bowel movements that are non-graphic in nature, but may still be disturbing to some readers. I would characterize Heroes: Fugitives so far as demonstrating about the level of scripting prowess I would expect from a high school or college amateur film maker. The show is working on kind of a general concept level with lots of ideas and actions but not much substance.

Galactica – Blood on the Scales – The Reckoning Comes

The fruits of Earth. The goal of the surviving humans for the first three and a half seasons was to find the elusive lost brothers of the human race. Adama believed that Earth was simply a fairy tale or a myth.