X-Men: First Class Sequel Ideas

OK, So I know I’ve been hitting the X-Men: First Class articles a lot out lately but there’s no denying that the film is gaining huge momentum upon it’s release in eight days time. Early reviews say it’s great, skeptical fans are being won over, and it looks like Fox have a master franchise now in their hands. With a sequel already green lit, First Class director Matthew Vaughn has admitted he intends to introduce one main character to go head to head with Magneto now (spoiler alert) Professor X is in a wheel chair.

What Comes After Smallville?

Whilst still to debut its final season here in the UK, the popular America television show Smallville has now ended after ten seasons on air. Whilst the quality of the show fazed out towards the end, there’s no denying that the show about a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) in the years before becoming Superman was incredibly popular and an example of how superheroes can be handled on television. With its tenth and final season over,(spoiler) Clark has finally become Superman, and audiences are left wondering with Smallville finished, what comes next for superheroes on TV?

Reviewed: Primer (2004)

Well I would be lying if I said that my brain didn’t hurt slightly after watching this as it’s definitely a bit of a thinker with quite a bit of technical ‘mumbo-jumbo’ that needs to be listened to in order to find the story behind it. I think it could quite nicely summed up by the fact that if you noted and listened to every detail they mention then you could be quite confident in knocking up your own version of the machine that they end up creating. So if possible try not to over-think this one too much and instead just let the story take you on its journey.

Sabash Sariyana Potti Movie Review – An (Un)Even Contest

Sabash Sariyana Potti is directed by popular Television actor Venu Aravind. After years at the Television front, he has ventured into direction. Now, the inevitable question is, if he knows film direction. Can he answer his sceptics and scepticisms? Has his reliance on relatively new faces paid off? Can he move on to directing his next?

Movie Review: The Hangover Part II (2011)

The Hangover Part II offers another dose of debauched misadventures from the “wolf pack” of comedians sure to please those hungering for more after the original film. A familiar blend of severity and silliness returns to keep the proceedings entertaining, if not a little too serious. Personal injuries and drug-fueled antics don’t exactly lose their edge after a few one-liners attempt to obscure their gravity and all of Zach Galifianakis’ scatterbrained outbursts can’t counteract the repulsiveness of the film’s cruder moments. If The Hangover Part II’s primary mission was to top its predecessor in shock value, it succeeded. We’re not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

How to Make Contacts in the Film Industry Using Networking Letters

There’ll come a time during your search for film industry work in which you have to speak to somebody you do not know. They have got absolutely no idea who you are, however, you would like to speak with them for information, or for a referral, or perhaps to solicit a position. This can be a delicate balance; you ought not risk appear self-centered or maybe rude and also you need to seem someone they should help.

Blue Velvet: Is Jeffrey Beaumont a Pervert or a Detective?

Exploring the themes of the film Blue Velvet from Joseph Campbell’s monomyth to Archie’s Betty and Veronica Syndrome. David Lynch’s use of Freud’s Id, Ego, and Super Ego to define the main character, Jeffrey Beaumont’s relationship to the other characters.

The Boys From Brazil

At first glance, “The Boys of Brazil” seemed to deal with unusual subject matter, it seemed to come with a high pedigree and as a result I was initially expecting a great deal. Top notch stars such as Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier further whetted my appetite and I knew that Director Franklin J. Schaffner had a proven track record with titles such as “Papillon,” “Patton” and the original “Planet of the Apes.

Movie Review: 404 Error Not Found – Confused 4 Naught 4!

What can you say about a film that has Imad Shah plastered all over the posters and yet that he’s billed as a special appearance? ‘Confused’, could be the ideal word to best describe 404 Error Not Found but the mess that it ends up being, in spite of a decent premise that too would be crediting it with too much!

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Kung Fu Panda 2 capitalizes on the same techniques that made its predecessor successful: a goofy lead character struggling desperately to fit in; comical character designs and playful animation; and an all-star cast of voice actors with such recognizable articulation that they breach the visual barrier of their 3D alter egos. Although the first film defined the characters, their relationships, destinies and the setting of ancient Asia, this second outing has the opportunity to utilize each role purely for action, adventure, comic relief and even a bit of pathos. Just when the sappiness ramps up to the point of unbearable,…

The Hub: New Kids Channel in Dish Network

The Hub is a new kids channel added to Dish Network satellite service in the United States. This channel is owned jointly by Discovery Communications and the famous toy giant Hasbro Inc. This new channel is a family and children oriented network.

This History Of Omega Watches And The James Bond Franchise

Omega took over the James Bond franchise in 1995 when Pierce Brosnan took over as the super-spy. Learn more about the history of this brand and how it has built some of its success upon the back of this successful franchise.