Gorgeous Tonner Company Twilight Dolls Make Fangtastic Holiday Gifts For Your Special Twilighter!

With people counting down the days for Breaking Dawn to be released and the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to get one of these unbelieveable Tonner Company Twilight Dolls for the Twilighter in your life. Very limited in number, and highly collectible, they are truly amazing. All of the main characters are available, but my favorite three are Edward, Bella and most of all, Victoria. I have compiled reviews of the three and the overwhelming opinion is they are remarkable.

How Casting Director Mary Clay Boland Found Her Dream Job Description in an Internship Book

Mary Clay Boland, casting director for As the World Turns, has worked in casting for theatre and film as well as television. Here, she answers the question, How Did You Get That Job?

A Guide To Freeview TV

Freeview is a collection of HDTV services from DTV Services, a television company in the UK. This service is owned by 5 shareholders, Arquiva, Sky, Channel 4, ITV, and BBC. Freeview was first launched in 2002 and has since then met with worldwide success.

3 Aspects Of The Wire That Make It Truly Amazing

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it once again – The Wire is the greatest show on television – period. There are countless reasons to cite, but allow me to start with 3 that really hit me whenever I think of them.

Short Film Fundraising

Short film grant fund-raising can be difficult. Hunting down possible donors, writing proposals, submitting your script – all of this takes massive time. However, there is an alternative to short film financing woes – the issue-oriented short film.

Ellen Dolan on Why She’s Thankful for As the World Turns and What’s Next

Actor Ellen Dolan talks about the surprising gifts that came from acting on the soap opera As the World Turns. She also reveals plans for an upcoming independent film project.

Why Do X Factor And Strictly Come Dancing Get So Many Viewers?

At this time of the year there is a great rivalry on British television between two leading television shows, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Broadcast on Saturday and Sunday evenings these reality shows attract millions and millions of viewers. So are these shows really any good, and why are they so popular?

How To Make Your Heartrending Love Story Work For You

It usually seems as though absolutely nothing good can come of a broken heart. The misery that follows a break-up or loss can be totally engulfing, making it near impossible to rise from your cloud of gloom. Learning how to take advantage of the cathartic practice of journal keeping however can open up numerous doors. Not only can writing down your heartrending love story serve to help you get over the hump, but there may also be fame and fortune waiting for you on the other side of what feels like your darkest hour.

Celeste Thorson – Beautiful Television Star and Celebrity

Celeste Thorson is an Asian American film and TV actress, model, human and environmental rights activist and screenwriter. Celeste Thorson is definitely more than just a TV star and actress. Her co-stars call her classy and witty because she has beauty and brains. Her many interests in writing, cultures, and environmental rights are sure to keep her busy on screen and off.

Ellen Dolan Chats About Leaving Soaps and What Brought Her Back

Actor Ellen Dolan (formerly Maureen Reardon Bauer on Guiding Light) talks about being a Hollywood actor versus acting in soaps. She was working on Walker, Texas Ranger when she decided to return to soaps, and the role of Margo on As the World Turns.

Shooting Films On a Yacht

While they may be the last place you might expect to find a film shoot yachts can help make an ordinary shoot out or romantic moment pop, so to speak. Why it may sound like I’m advocating some kind of dream-like, surrealist tract, all I’m trying to do is suggest a different take on some of the cliche in filmmaking. How many times have you had to watch two lovers break up in front of a brownstone in Brooklyn?

Why Sean Penn Is a Great Actor

Sean Penn is a great actor. He is extremely versatile. It seems as if wherever he goes, limelight also goes. He does come off as a controversy magnet. He has been the centre of great many controversies.