Jamie Does Athens – The Final and the Best in the Series

Jamie Does Athens was the final programme in the television series Jamie does. Of all the programmes in the series this was perhaps the one we had been most looking forward to. We are particularly fond of Greece, the people and the food.

The Vampire Diaries – Sara Canning

So I was hanging out on my Facebook as I do, strolling down my wall, when I caught a comment from a college friend of mine; Sara Canning, it got me thinking about this girl. So I clicked her name, and one of the first things I see is a screencap of a column in ‘Elle Canada’ featuring Miss Sara Canning from the Vampire Diaries.

Your 3D Movie Choices

The HDTV must have cost you a fortune and it would be such a waste if you don’t use the technology that it is equipped with. The following are just two of the most well known and hottest movies for 3D viewing.

Two 3D DVD Movies

When the 3D technology is applied on television, the reception is not that grand. People complain about how the glasses diminish the movies’ quality and their color.

Geoffrey Rush & Charlotte Rampling

Production work on Australian director Fred Schepsi’s latest project “The Eye of the Storm”, has begun. This is Schepisi’s first venture after “Empire Falls” (2005), and is the first film he is shooting in his native country after “A Cry in the Dark” (1988). The film is being produced by Antony Waddington, Gregory Read, and Schepsi himself.

New Inception Poster Lets Us See

Somebody, somewhere once said that the human mind is like a maze. That saying became a cliche over time; and that maze theme has been used in various art forms an infinite number of times- and the latest to join the list, in the feature films category, would be “Inception”.

Understanding Different Cultures Through Film and TV

One thing that often surprises and intrigues me is how different movie subjects and methods can be from one country to another. For example, the typical (and I am talking about averages here as there are of course exceptions) American film is “Action Adventure”.

Brad Pitt Will Work With Scott Cooper

Violent. Bloody. Bestial. These are three adjectives that would aptly describe one of the worst inter-family feuds in recent history- between the McCoy and Hatfield families in Kentucky-West Virginia.

Ezra Miller As Kevin

Actor Ezra Miller has been signed on as the lead character Kevin in the film “We need to talk about Kevin”. The 17-year old actor will be acting alongside Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly, who will be playing his on-screen parents.

Film Industry Electing New Locations That Pop in High Definition

For years, decades, even generations, the film industry has justified its move out to Hollywood by citing the wide range of available landscapes all within a few hours journey. Any tour of a Hollywood back lot finds the guide describing how “snow capped mountains, beaches, cities and the desert are all a stone’s throw away” from the big Hollywood studios’ headquarters. This is not to mention the practically 365 days a year of great, film worthy weather the area enjoys complete with sunshine, mild temperatures and not a whole lot of rain. Today, however, filming in and around Hollywood can be costly, and most of the best locations have already been exposed so many times that it can be a challenge to create an East Coast landscape amongst the Hollywood Hills.

Running Down a Typical Play List on HBO HD Networks

When you get set up with a satellite TV package and start flipping through the available networks, you are never sure what you are going to find. If you have picked up the lineup of HBO channels, you won’t have to look far beyond that. Whether it’s drama, comedy series or first-run HD movies, they have it covered, along with great sporting events. Here are five programs to expect in a typical day watching HBO.

Using HD Nature Footage to Complete Your Wildlife Documentary

Completing a wildlife documentary may seem like an impossible task. From filming the animals in their natural settings to composing the footage into such a way as to show the beauty of the simplicity. It takes an enormous amount of patience as well as time and money.