Hollywood Gangsters Vs the Hoodlums Next Door

A look into how we perceive the glorified gangster image vs how we see the gangsters in real life. Does success validate their violence?

The Human Fascination With Movies

A look into what draws us into movies. We find our interest stems from relation of personal experiences.

Television Shows Axed

There is a long list of television shows that were cancelled due to various factors. However, most of these axed shows were loved by the audiences. Among these were The Ben Stiller Show, Sports Night, and Firefly.

Top Ten Best Action Movies

Here are the ten best action movies that got our adrenaline pumping and the dynamite exploding. We love action movies and have seen hundreds in our time.

Technofiction Review of Moon and District 9 (2009)

Two movies, and I saw them as different as night and day on the moon. Moon was wonderful as a science fiction mystery that told a new story with a new style and pacing. District 9, on the other hand, has me seriously wondering about orbital mind control lasers–it’s the first explanation that came to mind to explain all the positive buzz this movie has been getting, because it doesn’t deserve any.

Iconic Beach Girl Number 3 – Bo Derek

No one in the world fills that bill more than the eponymous corn-rowed braided blonde beauty Bo, running on the beach in a one-piece golden cozzie, beads clacking on her bronzed lithesome limbs. Even the slo-mo could not capture her honeyed lusciousness as she approached ‘everyman’ Dudley Moore, salivating over her gazelle-like charge up the sands, while he fantasized over her in Blake Edward’s 1979 film, 10.

Michael Jackson – This Is It

As a child, I loved singing along to Michael Jackson’s music and trying to imitate his dance moves. I could do neither well, but I had a great time. As an adult, I watched his public decline due to inappropriate allegations. Although he was acquitted, I never quite felt the same about him, or his music, until the day I learned of his death. I’d never seen a show and now there would be none to see…

Movie Poster Auction, A Sellers Guide

I often get asked by people if it is a good idea to sell their movie posters or lobby cards through a movie poster auction. There are several auction houses that occasionally have poster auctions and consigning your movie posters to them can be an option.

Into the Wild – A Wonderful Film You Should Never Miss

Have you ever seen the great film entitled Into the Wild? It is actually not a new film, but some people still talk about it because of the great inspiring story. It is a story of a man called Christopher Johnson McCandless who choose to live in the wild area. It is a new life where he must live without money, telephone, watch, and many other facilities which he usually gets from his parents.

X Men Origins – Wolverine 2 – What’s All the Hype?

X Men Origins:Wolverine was a scream! – I am a huge fan of the x men series and despite all the critics views I loved getting to know the dead sexy Hugh Jackman better. Of course what has thrilled me even more is the recent revelation by Lauren Schuler that X Men Origins:Wolverine 2 is perhaps the one film that is far ahead of the others in development.

The Great Academy Awards

Any Academy Awards trivia will start by making it clear that this is the most important awards ceremony honoring the film industry in America. The awards are usually simply called the Oscars, and were first held in 1929.

Technofiction Review of Day After Tomorrow (2004)

By Technofiction standards, this disaster movie is a disaster. The Day after Tomorrow is one of those “Where’s Waldo” kind of movies — a movie with so much technically wrong with it that it’s really tough to keep score. Not only is the science bad, the actions taken by the protagonists are equally bizarre.