Why I Love Silent Films (And Why You Should, Too!)

I love silent films. I accept that most people, assuming they’ve seen a silent film, probably don’t share my affection for them. Why should they? After all, they’re in black and white (usually); the acting’s a little more intense than we’re used to (sometimes); and, for crying out loud, you have to read them! I don’t really expect anyone else to love silent films. It’s true that, in the 21st century, they can seem a bit arch, alien and archaic. But here are some of the reasons why I love them and why I think that everyone should take the time to spin a choice silent picture now and then…

Arunoday Singh and Aditi Kiss 22 Times in Yeh Saali Zindagi

Arunoday Singh and Aditi Rao Hydari are much in news for their twenty two smooches in Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi. The young actors play a married couple in the film who share a passionate relationship with their share of ups and downs.

Making the Switch to Freeview

Making the Freeview HD upgrade may be one of the most cost effective decisions you make this year. There are new channels available which you would only pay for once instead of being stuck to a monthly subscription.

Living In A Metropolis Isn’t What It Used To Be

Many attended the much anticipated premiere of Metropolis in Berlin on January 10th, 1927 including many high-ranking officials in the German government such as former Reichsprasident Paul Von Hindenburg.  The film at the time was the most expensive film ever made in Europe and much was expected from it.

Artificial Intelligence: One Step Short

AI is just one of those films people can’t forget or stop talking about. I got about 75% of this film.

No Country For Movies With Plots And Ending

I’ve never read the book by Cormack McCarthy but I feel like if indeed he felt that this is no country for old men, maybe he never stepped foot inside a multi-billion dollar board room where I assure you there will be nothing but old men in there. As a matter of fact, with the exception of this past election, you could say that this country has been pretty much run by old men. So I guess from the start I really don’t understand what they are getting at.

Guillermo Del Toro – Filmmaker and Writer

Famous for his films like Hellboy I & II, Blade II, Mimic and Pan’s Labyrinth, filmmaker and writer, Guillermo Del Toro was born on October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. His other films include; At The Mountain With Madness, Cronos, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Devil’s Backbone and The Haunted Mansion. Guillermo developed his love for filmmaking during his early teens while being raised by his Catholic grandmother.

Pretty Little Liars: A Huge Hit on American Television

June 8, 2010 marked the debut of Pretty Little Liars on American television; a show is based on the series of novels written by Sara Shepard bearing the same title. The series is set on the town of Rosewood and revolve around the lives of four girls: Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson), Emily Fields (played by Shay Mitchell), Spencer Hastings (Trojan Bellisario) and Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale). The four girls used to be close friends, however, when their queen bee Alison DiLaurentis (played by Sasha Pieterse) disappears, their clique falls apart.

Y Tu Mama Tambien Made Mexican Cinema History

Alfonso Cuaron directed and co-wrote the Mexican drama Y tu mama tambien or “And your mother too” in English. Mexican actors Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal star in the film together with Spanish actress Maribel Verdu. Set in 1999, the film shows the conclusion of the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s 71-year uninterrupted reign in Mexico’s presidency with ascend of the opposition to power led by Vicente Fox.

Facts About Harry Potter Spells

Apart from the protagonist, Harry Potter, and his friends and other notable characters in this spell binding series, the other most interesting things to note are the Harry Potter spells and charms that were used. There are a variety of these spells that were used by most of the characters and they were performed for various reasons. Some of the most famous of these spells are the body attack spells that were waged on others presumably to cause harm or pain and at other times to tease each other.

Handicap Your Oscar Pool: The Shorts

Oscar pool is going to reflect the most predictable, dry award ceremony in recent memory. So I will handicap it for you. Get an edge by checking out the Oscar nominated shorts, a much better Valentine’s Day night at the movies than anything else playing right now. In fact, one of these shorts is the best romantic comedy in years. Or you can go see Beiber, it’s up to you.

007 Girls: Memorable Moments In The James Bond Movies

A key component of the James Bond movies are the 007 girls. They often have major parts in the films and are usually well liked by Bond. James Bond girls have added glamour to the 007 films and appeared in countless memorable moments. The women in James Bond movies often challenge Agent 007’s ability to handle difficult situations. They are usually incredibly beautiful and know how to complete their objectives.