Episode 12 “School Lies” – Recap and Review

I thought “School Lies” was one of the best episodes of the season. Why? Well, for one, the show’s just getting better and better. But also because this episode was both a lot of fun to watch and really emotional. And because Chuck is back.

The Music in Gossip Girl Episode 12 – School Lies

The January 2nd episode of Gossip Girl, “School Lies,” starts off with the song “Oh Yeah,” by Moby. Now, this is a seriously fun techno song that’s all about partying. And at the beginning of this episode, so are Serena, Blair, and all their high society pals. Partying in the pool, to be more specific. That is, until the cops come.

Gossip Girl- Episode 13 “A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate”

Episode 13 is called “A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate”– a thin blue line, that is… like the kind you hope not to see on a teenage pregnancy test. And this particular pregnancy test causes scandal after scandal.

There Will Be Confusion & Discomfort

Two of the most recent films I have seen of late – There Will Be Blood and Untraceable are two I would have rather missed altogether. In both films the leading actors, Daniel Day Lewis and Diane Lane, respectively, never miss a beat in their performances. However, there are issues with both of these films that will have the average moviegoer wishing they had opted for The Bucket List instead.

Behind the Famous Face – Angelina Jolie

Each face reveals its own personality, character, destiny. Each face is a road map of the mind. Discover the personality behind Angelina Jolie.

Hot Sexy Senorita Penelope Cruz

Sensual and erotic. Two words that best describe Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. Originally a dancer, she soon moved into Spanish television, and since then appeared in a string of films in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese languages.

WWE Diva Candice Michelle Lights the Fire

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hot and sexy Candice won a modeling competition at the age of 16 and later moved to Los Angeles, California to become a professional model and actress. She appeared in numerous bodybuilding and car magazines such as FLEX and Lowrider, as well as being named Cyber Girl of the Week in the June 2002 issue of Playboy.

Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor – The Trouble Of Talent-Searching Television

Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor are 2 of the UK’s most popular reality shows. However they are starting to create stereotypes of modern Britain which is becoming worrying too apparent.

The Bucket List – A Faith Review of the Motion Picture (2007)

‘FIND THE JOY in your life’ is the inspirational by-line to the movie, The Bucket List. This movie has obvious faith overtones and is a message for all. It challenges the “walls” that people might put up in resistance to acquiring faith because it ponders the meaning to life that none of us can shirk off.

“Face-Off”-A Movie of Double-Sided Emotional Complexity

It has been a long time since I have watched the movie “Face/Off,” but what I did remember about it is that I really enjoyed it. So, I thought I would watch it again. I was not disappointed (although the premise does seem kind of silly), in fact I was pleasantly surprised.

Making The Switch To HDTV

Making the switch from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition) is like opening your eyes for the first time. The level of detail you are exposed to makes it so you never want to go back to the old standard.

The Studio – Television Production

What exactly happens inside the studio building of a community access corporation? What is it like? Who is responsible for the equipment? What about other producers? Is there a contract or is the agreement oral? If you have ever asked any of these questions about community access television , this is the article for you to read. I will fill you in, and add a few suggestions just in case you are waiting to be a community producer.