The Uniqueness of Indian Cinema – Part 1 of 4

Indian filmmakers depart from their Hollywood counterparts in different ways. Whereas Hollywood filmmakers strive to conceal the constructed nature of their work so that the realistic narrative is wholly dominant, Indian filmmakers make no attempt to conceal the fact that what is shown on screen is a spectacle, an illusion, a fiction.

Two Action Adventure Films, One Comedy and One Serious, Both Turn Out Average

If you want some over-the-top laughs, see Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder”, a very confused film that can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be an action adventure, war story, comedy, satire, mockumentary or wannabe drama. If you want fantasy disguised as action adventure, see “300”, a film with more animation than acting.

Life Without Cable TV

Living with out Cable TV is not hard at all. There are many options out there that will still allow you to watch your Favorite TV shows online. Here is my story of ditching cable TV and turning online to find my TV shows.

Cinematic Codes in David Lynch’s Fire Walk With Me

In ‘An Introduction To Film Studies’, Allan Rowe states ‘In normal film viewing we experience simultaneously a number of codes: visual, sound and the codes controlling the linking of one sound or image to another’. These cinematic codes work to produce meaning in a film.

America’s Favorite Disney Princess Movie

Disney princesses are so popular among little girls and adults alike. There is something within their goodness and strength that appeals to young and old alike. While Disneyland is one of the most popular destination vacations on Earth, Disney movies are items we can take with us when we travel, or simply watch at home making them convenient and a fun way to spend our time.

The Film Adaptation of the Comic Deadworld is Set to Wow Zombie Movie Fans

The gruesomely popular post-apocalyptic zombie comic will bring a new twist to the horror sub-genre. By taking zombie mayhem to the big screen in a way that’s not been seen before.

Top Shows of 2009 – Are You Tuning In?

There’s a whole lot of TV out there. A fair amount is just rehashed old plots, love stories, cheap FX that don’t look so great in HD, cheaper reality TV shows that amuse you for all of five seconds, and second rate comedies featuring old stars from the eighties, it’s amusing stuff, but it’s not stellar TV, nothing to get excited about; but then there are the true screen gems that knock your socks off and you simply cannot get enough of them.

Famous Vans in TV History

Those of us of a certain age have certain vans imprinted on our unconscious, thanks to the medium of television; think of the Mystery Machine, driven by Fred and The Scooby Doo Gang or the distinctive black van used by Hannibal Smith’s A-Team. Younger viewers are being introduced to the less dynamic, but equally lovable van driven by Postman Pat. And possibly the least stylish hybrid van that we all remember has to be the ‘Trotters Independent Trading Co’ van driven by Del Boy from ‘Only Fools and Horses’. In fact, this last van is so popular and so instantly recognisable that one of the three-wheelers actually used in the show has recently sold for £44,227.50. Let’s hope the new owner has got cheap van insurance!

The Quite Man – an American Sings Irish Ballad!

Action…Excitement…Romance…Fill the Screen! This one is the perfect tagline to define The Quite Man. One of the Hollywood’s longest in the making movie; The Quite Man was screened in 1952 worldwide.

Who Will Die in the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

The most awaited movie (based on the novel of J.K Rowling) of the Harry Potter series is going to release in July. The whole series is no doubt full of emotions, thrill, and suspense. You cannot imagine what will happen the next moment in the saga.

The Big Bang Theory Cast

This television sitcom is about four highly intelligent co-workers at a science university, who live their personal lives in the fantasy world of science fiction television, comic books, and video games. More specifically the two principal characters are Leonard and Sheldon, who live across the hallway from the beautiful Penny.

A Magic Movie Can Be Shared by the Entire Family

What is it about magic that entices us so much. Is it the illusions? Is it the fact that the mind does not understand why things disappear without knowing.