Shekhar Suman – Biography

Shekhar Suman (Born 7 December, 1962) is an Indian character and television personality from Patna, Bihar. He started his career as a television character in a series named Wah Janab. He starred for his debut movie in Shashi Kapoor’s Utsav, and everybody appreciated his performance.

Vampires – Why Are They in Style?

Vampires, vampires everywhere(werewolves too). Why are they so popular? What vampire related material is good.

The Karate Kid 2010 Movie – How to Watch it With Your Children

The Karate Kid 2010 movie has drawn controversy for being too violent for kids. As a parent it is important to know if it is right for your child. This guide will help you explain the movie to your child and make it less confronting.

Flower in the Pocket

“Flower in the Pocket” is a Malaysian coming-of-age film from director Liew Seng Tat about two boys who have just lost their mother. The boys must now adjust to living with their now single father, being in a new school, and keeping themselves entertained and out of trouble. Although the boys are good natured and kind at heart, several factors in their lives tend to cause them to get into trouble at school and at home.

Taking Your Kids to the Movies – Karate Kid, 1984 and 2010

The attention-grabbing classic, Karate Kid is back and it’s capturing the hearts and minds of many. It’s not just about a boy who learns martial arts, but it is filled with boding and love as well.

Can Television Anoint the Next Supermodel?

I always promise myself I won’t get sucked in to ‘America’s Next Top Model’ when a new cycle is beginning. I say I won’t watch ‘Canada’s Next Top Model’, ‘Make me a Supermodel’, ‘True Beauty’ or any other modeling contests. And yet I find myself glued to the television, hopelessly addicted to all of the above, every single time.

Adobe Premiere Pro Green Screen Effect Done in Simple Steps

Using Adobe Premiere Pro to remove green screen. Read the following 4 simple steps and checklist to master this process.

Housewives on Satellite Television

After the hit series Desperate Housewives hit the television and became an instant favorite, many wondered whether these women accurately depicted the new generation of women in their early 40’s. Of course, now with a little bit of money you can invest a little money in a facial pick-me-up and look ten years younger, but were moms all over the country really doing that?

Beverly Hills 90210 – The Original Teen Drama!

Jason Priestley and Luke Perry were the hot stuff in town, with the girls going crazy for Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay way before Pacey and Dawson were even a twinkle in the producer’s eye. The series aired from October 4th in 1990 and kept their teenage audience glued to their sets until the turn of the millennium. Following the lives of the glitzy Beverly Hills community of the young and beautiful, the show documented the lives of teen characters through a host of nail-biting dramas that reflected the interests (and fears) of the young audience.

Digital Film School – Learn My Digital Film School Secrets

Are you thinking about going to film school? I have some great news…

The New Lebron James Movie!

Instead of playing in the FIBA World Basketball Championship this summer, Lebron James has opted to increase his already stratospheric brand by starring in a movie called “Fantasy Basketball Camp” that is starting production this summer. The movie is being written and directed by Malcolm D.

Charlotte’s Web – A Cute Kid’s Movie

Once upon a time there was a baby pig named Wilbur. He began making friends around the farm yard. One of the animals broke the news to Wilbur that pigs are fattened up and eaten.