Christianity Gets a Bad Press in BBC Soap “Eastenders”

I am a big fan of Eastenders and love the character led storylines, and while I think Pastor Lucas has an intriguing and mysterious sickness in the head, I am getting a bit tired of seeing every committed Christian that appears in movies or TV films these days portrayed as a psycho. Certainly it happens in real life, that people just don’t get what faith is all about and the will of God becomes a ball of confusion in their heads leading them to do the wrong things. Instead of standing back and letting God take the reins, some people…

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Duane “Dog” Chapman

Duane “Dog” Chapman, one of the most famous television show personality starring in Dog the Bounty Hunter has been recognized for many infamous and controversial hunts. His life took many turns. Learn here more about Duane “Dog” Chapman and his television show named “Dog the Bounty Hunter”.

The Top 4 Gangster Movies of All Time

Carlito’s Way – somewhat an underrated gangster film (as many people have never seen it) but an absolute classic. Pacino plays a legendary smack-dealer who has just got out of prison and has decided to retire and move to Florida with the love of his life. The only problem is that he needs to make $80,000 to start his business, and the life that he once knew all too well is trying to such him back in.

What is a Producer?

In show-business, the producer is god. He or she is the person responsible for taking an idea and turning it into a finished film, television program or other production. The producer is the point-man of the production.

Inception of a New Fortress

There’s some serious Hollywood filming afoot in the foothills. There’s been some serious buzz centered around some structures visible on one of the ridges above an old ski resort. Working in the Boutique Hotel industry is a surprisingly effective way to hear about local news and gossip, and the local gossip is the Christopher Nolan movie The Inception is being filmed at Fortress Mountain, which may finally be reopening.

What it Takes to Make a Hit Reality TV Show

Matthew Ostrom is the VP of Current Series and Development for Original Media. Matt and I worked together several years ago and since then he’s been busy creating original programming for a wide variety of networks. In his current position he has executive produced a large slate of original shows including King of Dirt, Masters of Reception, Swamp People, Destination Design, LA Ink, Storm Chasers, BBQ Pitmasters and many more. I asked Matt to give us an inside look into how a show goes from an idea to a series.

“2012” – Is This the End of the World?

The latest blockbuster by Roland Emmerich, “2012”, is a lot of fun. This may seem like a strange statement to make regarding a movie showing the destruction of the world and the death of billions of people, but face it, no one can kill the planet like Roland Emmerich. But is there any truth to the movie? It is true that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, when our sun aligns with the galactic equator, and for years there has been growing debate about exactly what this means. The range of opinions seem to fall into three camps.

Film Review – Crossing Over (2009)

This film, made in 2009, is in every way well-thought. Wayne Kramer, director/ writer/ co-producer, himself coming from South Africa, must have felt the same hardship getting across the U.S. soil and getting legal as he, so delicately, highlights the devastating, full-of-worries process of gaining status once one steps into the land of dreams.

‘Exorcist’ Beginning Vomits Pea Soup

One expects Mini-Me to start humping the laser in the middle of this Exorcist remake. This is not worthy of the title.

Quicker, Faster, No Time to Think – Movies Reflect Changing Social Trends

We are in an age where information floods our lives giving us little time to contemplate. This trend can be seen in the changing language of films.

The Numerous Changes in TV Programming Choices

TV shows have changed quite a bit from the days of wholesome family sitcoms with a mischievous child who learns a lesson. There have been a number of new types of programming to be created and popularized. This article discusses those new types of programming.

The Lego Death Star

There are few of us (in my generation at least) who don’t remember their first introduction to the Star Wars movies. The brilliance of the special effects and the continuation of the story as a 3 part trilogy, conspired to make Star Wars more than just another movie. It was part of an era.