DVD Packaging Plays Important Role in Product Success

Effective DVD packaging is an important factor in the overall success of any multi-media product. This is true in the entertainment industry in particular because the financial success or failure of a movie is not based on box office receipts alone.

Psych, A Great Detective Comedy on USA Network

Psych is a very funny show featuring Shawn Spencer and his childhood friend Burton Guster. Shawn grew up with a father who forced him to learn everything there was to know about being a cop. The most important thing he taught him was to be extremely observant.

Why I Love Star Trek

Many people around the world love Star Trek. And I am one of them. Here are my top three reasons for loving Star Trek more than most people.

Star Trek DVD

Ever wanted to own a piece of history? Consider a Star Trek DVD collection as it is among the most rewarding and positive entertainment pieces that a person can own.

Hollywood JeT’aime

Devastated by a love affair gone to hell, Jerome (Eric Debets) journeys from Paris to Los Angeles over Christmas, longing for a change of scenery and dreaming of a career in the movies. The opening scenes in Paris are in Black and White. When Jerome hits Hollywood, the film changes to bright candy colors like the Wizard of Oz.

A Christian Perspective of Where the Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are tells the story of a young boy, Max, and his epic journey to a mysterious island inhabited by a race of large creatures and his struggle to deal with the new developments in his family. Directed by Spike Jonze, the movie is exquisitely shot, acted, scored, and edited. This film is most definitely the best movie to be released so far this year because of its depth, insight, and emotional beauty.

“Imitation of Life” Seen With Fresh Eyes

“Imitation Of Life” is a timeless classic. This is one film that strongly addresses issues that some parents face today. The movie stars Lana Turner who plays Laura Meredith a single mother that wants so desperately to be an actress.

Marge Simpson on Playboy Cover – Have We Really Come This Far?

It all really started with the infamous Fritz the Cat in 1972 when Ralph Bakshi released the first full length X-rated cartoon feature which grossed over $100 million worldwide. This highly provocative movie paved the way for the revolution. Up till then the world of animation was ruled by Disney.

Thoughts on – Trailer Park Boys 2 – Countdown to Liquor Day

One of my most anticipated movies of last month was definitely “Trailer Park Boys : Countdown to Liquor Day” and I had a genuine sense of excitement when I walked into the cinema. However, did it live up to what I was expecting?

Bollywood and Oscars

Oscars have always eluded Bollywood films in Best Foreign film category. But it will not be fair to say, films in India are not world class or not deserving enough to win awards.

Paranormal Activity – Scariest Horror Movie Ever?

Making its rounds in movie theaters now is the movie Paranormal Activity, and it has crowds leaving the theater in droves. Not because it is a bad movie or poorly directed, but rather because the film had been so scary that even hardcore horror fans have experienced moments of pure fear, terror, nausea and a few have even passed out while watching the movie.

“A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp – The Icon of a Holiday Classic

Of all of the memorable scenes from Jean Sheppard’s “A Christmas Story,” those revolving around the infamous leg lamp remain the most classic. The delivering and opening of the Old Man’s “major award” from its wooden crate to decidedly mixed reviews in the Parker household captures the spirit of the film as a whole. The subsequent feud over the lamp’s destruction brings back nostalgic memories for anyone who had parents whose taste didn’t always, shall we say, meet eye to eye.