Labor Pains and Contractions in Film Production

Labor pains and contractions in filmmaking can be thought of as changes that have to be made during preproduction, filming and postproduction. Different pieces are always moving when you’re making a movie.

Movie Review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2012)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen features delightful characters portrayed by perfectly cast actors, steadily amusing humor (quaint but never of the laugh-out-loud variety), and a smart script (by Simon Beaufoy, who won an Oscar for his screenplay for Slumdog Millioniare). Yet despite the successes of these integral elements, the subject matter is just temperate enough and the comedy just static enough for the film to be rather uninspiring. The themes and revelations are all handled with such a mild touch that while it entertains on first viewing, it’s certainly not a game-changer for any of the genres it dabbles in….

Movie Review: The Hunger Games (2012)

The concept of nationally televised fights to the death has found many incarnations in film. The Hunger Games, based on the unusually popular novel by Suzanne Collins, once again sets the stage in a dystopian future where teenagers must battle for their lives. But despite its intriguing, albeit recycled plotline, several plaguing elements eat away at the intensity, and perhaps more importantly, the believability.

Try Casting for Commercials

The first step in successfully casting for commercials is to first understand how commercials have a place in television lore as some of the most memorable moments in the annals of TV. How did the commercial come into being? Well, the first thing that the early TV networks learned, like radio and newsprint before them, was that selling a “free medium” over the airwaves was fine and good, however the networks had to make money in order to operate, like any going concern.

The Most Frightening Horror Scenes You’ll Ever See

Jaws had two scenes that were scenes I would have to say were two of the most frightening scenes I had ever seen. The first opened the movie and the last was towards the end of the movie. A young lady decides to go skinny-dipping with a friend however due to the friend being intoxicated he falls to sleep while attempting to shed his clothes. Seconds later the young lady unfortunately discovers lurking nearby the reason most people are afraid to go in the ocean, a great white shark that will not only attack her but she will not live, as some do, to talk about it.

Perception Of Indian Women On Screen

Generally Indian women have always been apprehended to be a girl in saree, with lots of ornaments, a cloth on her head and a vermillion circle on her forehead. The other traits an Indian woman is apprised of, are the saintly qualities such as being the organizer of godly ceremonies, being a good wife, a good mother, and an individual who provides mental and emotional support to the members of the family. The women of India, on screen, have been portrayed in various different ways. Now if we talk about Indian Hindi cinema, the fact that “modern feminism” comes into contact with “Indian traditional values” becomes vivid.

Do You Want to Predict the Next American Idol Winner?

If you are the kind of person who loves to read and be up to date with American Idol happenings, then this guide will let you know the secrets of predicting the winner of this incredibly popular contest. American Idol has been, over the past 11 seasons, one of the most viewed and appreciated shows, mainly because it offers talented people the opportunity to become famous and successful. In order to predict the winner of this season, you will need to watch the show weekly and also catch the American Idol spoilers online.

Rescue Heroes – A Nonviolent Action Cartoon for Christian Parents and Children

As a parent I am very careful about what I let my children watch on TV. I decided a long time ago to not get cable or satellite. It is better for me to get DVDs and BluRay discs of the shows that I feel comfortable watching with my children.

Top Independent Film Festivals to Keep an Eye On

Although there are several ways to gauge an independent film festivals’ importance, there are several top 2012 film festival premieres that established filmmakers, emerging filmmakers, and students alike will be keeping an eye on. Be sure to check out the following film fests over the next year.

The Cinema of Sweden – An Introduction

Introducing you to the finest movies and directors from Sweden. A little introduction to the best Swedish cinema has to offer.

Harry Potter’s London Film Locations

The city of London offers a wide range of locations from minimalist and modern loft conversions to history country houses. Because of its versatile atmosphere, United Kingdom’s capital city has been a popular choice for all sorts of movie genres, primarily for its urban cityscapes, woodland spaces, riverside, underground tunnels, rooftop panoramic views and high-tech and futuristic office settings. Settings of the scenes, or better known as film locations, plays a crucial role in the entire package of the movies, and most often than not, this factor can make or break a movie.

No More Glee in Hollywood

If someone asks you if you know how to become a singer in Hollywood, what are they really asking? After all, Hollywood is a relatively small suburb of Los Angeles. It isn’t the home of country music like Nashville, or the home of Jazz like New Orleans. No. What it is, is the perceived home of the American Film industry. What they are really asking is – how do I get to sing in the movies?