How Quickly We Forget – Seinfeld Paved the Way For TV’s Best Comedies Today

It’s been almost 10 years since Seinfeld went off the air. In my article I give you a little refresher about what was so great about the ground breaking comedy.

Boston Legal – The Best Show on Network TV That You’re Not Watching

Boston Legal is one of the best written and acted network television shows on air today. If you’re a fan of smart and funny TV, and who isn’t, you need to put Boston Legal on your must see TV schedule.

Television Production – New Producers, Lesson Nine

This article is directed to the new or newer producers in community access television. I wish you good luck on your adventure (and it will be an adventure!). I will give you clues and helpful hints about what it is like to be in television production in community access studios.

“Across the Universe” – A Visually Stunning Drug Overdose

Sitting down to watch “Across the Universe” is like entering an internal trip of the mind. Visually stunning at the most, it does not have much to offer for a plot line. While the plot moves at a steady pace we are lost on all emotional issues unless furthered by the songs in themselves.

Is Christian Bale the Next Big Movie Star?

This article discusses the future fame of Christian Bale. He is starring in the new Batman movies and will star as John Connor in the new Terminator movie next May.

What Does The Word Jutsu In Naruto Mean?

You hear it all the time in Naruto, jutsu this and jutsu that. What is Jutsu and what does it mean? From numerous questions I have decided to answer them all together through this article explaining them in depth.

Stepping Gains Popularity From Hollywood

You can always tell that a dance form is gaining popularity when you see it on the silver screen. When the Brazilian dance Lambada was the craze, there was actually a movie titled “Lambada” in1989. Patrick Swayze’s “Dirty Dancing” popularized a forbidden dance of the same name.

iPhone Movie Downloads – Where to Find the Top Movie Download Service

One of the coolest features of the iPhone is the ability to play movies. Here you have a portable movie player inside of a cellular phone. Many people are clamoring to download movies now to use the never-ending features of the iPhone.

Program Your Direct TV DVR From The Internet!

It is amazing how technology changes how we live our lives. Not only has the DVR replaced the VCR but now we can “set the timer” to record our shows from anywhere where we have access to the internet.

Thinking About Joining The Film Industry?

The world film industry is at a leisurely high production rate, don’t be frightening off by people scaring you off . What are the prerequisites for joining the cinematography industry. This is advice that for the most part can apply to most areas… maybe even investing or writing. I wish all the best.

Behing the Scenes of the TV Show The Biggest Loser

Have you ever wondered why the Biggest Loser contestants lose so much weight in such a short time, especially in the beginning. I had the opportunity to talk face to face with an ex contestant who is no longer bound by legalities and revealed some shocking facts.

The Degradation of Nancy Drew

“Others first,” whines Nancy Drew with a blank expression on her face in Nancy’s latest incarnation — the 2007 movie version of the intrepid sleuth. Others first? Is that how Nancy Drew, in the Stratemeyer syndicates original stories, placed first in any athletic competition, ballroom dance event, radio contest and academic competition?