The Arrival of the Heyday of Bollywood

The Indian entertainment sector was named as Bollywood due to the combination of Goddess Mumbadevi and former Bombay. The word for Indian cinema was coined as Bollywood, keeping in mind the world’s biggest entertainment, Hollywood.

Review – Heroes – The Wall

Last time on “Heroes,” Peter went to save Sylar. This time on “Heroes,” he realizes he has to save himself and Sylar because they’re both trapped inside Sylar’s mind. What’s going on with Sylar? He is always coupled off with someone in a plot. It looks like these two will be trapped forever if they don’t figure out how to break through this mental block.

Review – Heroes – The Art of Deception

It’s now more important than ever to watch NBC’s “Heroes.” The action in each episode is progressing as the season is quickly coming to an end. It’s go time for many of the characters, and that simply means it’s do or die.

Which Are You Watching Tonight, A Bro Show Or a Chick Flick?

What kind of movies do you like? Are you a bro show guy or a chick flick girl?

Transmorphers Review

The plot of the film is that mankind has discovered intelligent life 20 light years or so from earth and they send a satellite to establish contact. Five years later, we get a response with a massive invasion of alien robots from space that wipe out 90% of the human population and alter the weather to rain nonstop and have the earth all dark.

Academy Award Records

Year after year, many of us wait eagerly for an annual ritual: the presentation of the Academy Award statuettes. Since there will have been 82 of them as of March 7, 2010, some of the award’s trivia is just as fascinating as the list of annual winners.

Documentary Review – Planet Earth – Episode 6 – Ice Worlds

I’ve long been fascinated by science and the structure and nature of the world. In our modern, technologically advanced age, it is a sheer blessing that we can circumnavigate the globe from a recliner, while eating pizza, in short, hour long segments, whenever it is we have a liking to do so.

Entertainment Award Ceremonies

Entertainment award shows generally provide great television entertainment. Everyone’s favourite stars come together to reflect on the industry they have been such a huge part of. It gives the public a taste of the real personalities of the stars that they have come to idolise, as well as providing a few hours or so of some really entertaining television. Remember when Kanye West made a fool of himself not too long ago? Classic.

Ajay and Kajol Opposite Attack

The real life couple has taken separate routes when it comes to reel life. By now, we all know that the SRK and Kajol Starrer colossal project My Name Is Khan is releasing on the 12th of February. The movie is all over the news as the marketing and the promotion for the movie is rampant.

How to Become a Professional Film Actor

Many individuals desire to become professional actors and wish to take their names into limelight. Of course, acting is a lucrative and glamorous career option, but it also needs lots of hard work and preparation. One must have a burning aspiration to perform on the stage before audiences. Taking sufficient time to work on strategy will help one greatly improve his chances of becoming an actor. While the vision of becoming a performer is absolutely fine, it will also aid to pay bills and permit one to improve his talent for that big try-out which may hurl his career into big time.

The Modern Paparazzi

The modern paparazzi use the latest equipment that technology can offer to get that exclusive photo for a celebrity gossip magazine or an entertainment news portal. In this article we will explore how celeb gossip sites procure the snaps that make all the difference.

Celebrity Gossip – A Peep in Wonderland

Celebrity gossip sites aren’t all about scandals. There’s a whole new world in the pages of the celeb gossip sites. The entertainment news portals offer you a sneak peek into their wonderful lives. Check out this article for more.