Gundam Seed Phase 01

Gundam Seed the 1st episode of mobile suit series. Read and watch the series as they happen.

Batman Animated Series Cartoon Characters

One of the most engaging Batman cartoon stories that has ever been told. The episodes follow the story of Batman, the Dark Knight, as the alter ego of Bruce Wayne.

New Couple Walk The Red Carpet At Cannes

When we talk of Cannes Film Festival how Bollywood can be left behind? This time many of our stars were to be a part of it. But for the newly wedded couple Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan this was their first festival which they are celebrating together.

Numerology and Names – Why He’s Not Called Don Trump

What if Donald’s name was Don Trump? Would you pay attention to a guy with that name? Maybe – if he was a comedian. I can tell you without a sliver of doubt Don Trump is not the name for a billionaire. In fact, did you know only nine out of 400 billionaires listed on Forbes list of richest 400 Americans use a shortened name?

Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

Sedu hairstyles are the latest hair fashion and have achieved a cult status among many A-List celebrities. Is the sedu flat hair style a sexy look?

Miss Universe-21st Century

Miss Universe-21st speaks about Miss Universe history in the 21st century. There are interesting surprises.

Pay Per View

Pay Per View as we all know is a cable television service in which customer can order access to a particular broadcast for a fee. It offers a variety of choices like sporting events which is very suggestive ranging from professional boxing to World Wrestling Entertainment.


Soundtracks are commonly referred to as music used in a movie or television show. In the movie industry, it is an audio recording created or used in film or movie productions. It may also refer to the music used in video games and this is called video game soundtracks.

How to Become an Actor or Actress – Using Mentors to Guide You as an Acting Newbie

When you want to get your feet wet in the acting business, what’s the best route to go? Using a mentor provides you with exceptional training and automatic connections in a business that’s all about who you know.

Satellite TV Internet Service – Turn your PC into TV

Now you can turn your Computer into a big bang entertainment system. Many people wish to have a second TV in their household simply to avoid miniature wars over the possession of remote. Now it is possible to have a powerful satellite TV on your PC itself.

Top 5 Methods To Find Good Movies

Movies are wonderful pastime. Movies are enjoyed by people around the world. There are thousands of movies made each year, and millions of movie fans. It’s easy to find a movie that you haven’t seen already, but it’s hard to find a good movie that you’d want to watch. Fortunately, there are several ways to find movies that you might enjoy watching.

Blockbuster Total Access Online DVD Rental Review

I’ve been a Blockbuster Total Access Subscriber for years now and I love it. It is so exciting to come home from work and have a stack of new movies to watch week after week. Best of all, when I am done with my DVDs, I can decide whether to simply drop them back in the mail or use them as free in-store movie coupons, so I always have plenty of great movies and shows to watch! There are never any extra charges or fees and I can keep them for as long as I want, to watch over and over!