How to Get a Hollywood Talent Manager and Agent

If you want to make it big as an actor in Hollywood, then it is advisable to employ the services of a good talent manager and agent to represent you. It is important to note that there are several differences in the kind of representation you get through a manager and through an agent. While employing an agent or a manager, you should take care not to become too desperate and choose the wrong one as it can affect your career. It is advisable to understand your needs, talent and experience before hiring an agent or a talent manager. Read on to know more.

Cheap Theater Tickets

Even in these days of hundreds of cable channels and endless cheap DVD releases there is still nothing quite like a trip to the theater. An evening taking in a good play or show just seems more of an event than going to the local multiplex. Many people have stopped going to the theater, however.

The Phenomenal Big Brother Sweden

Big Brother is a reality TV show that houses a group of people in a large house. This group of people will be isolated from the outside world even from their families. The goal of these individuals would be to avoid eviction from the house. This way, they will be able to when huge cash prizes. The evictions will be based according to the votes of the televiewers. Each country who franchised this reality show has made formats that suit their cultures and traditions well. However, the basic format remains.

Who is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana, or to use her real name, Miley Cyrus has become an international wonder. As a teen superstar she has taken the entertainment world completely by storm and has a fanatical following across the world.

The Top Three Twilight Movie Scenes (In My Highly Enlightened Opinion)

I will freely admit, I am a little bit Twilight obsessed. I love the movie. I love the books, and even though I know that Edward Cullen is not real, I think I may be a teeny bit in love with him too. I’ve seen the film multiple times and I definitely have my favorite scenes. Here they are.

Should You Get the Twilight Movie Soundtrack Or the Twilight Movie Score (or Both)?

One of the things that every serious Twilight fan should have is the Twilight Movie Soundtrack. This soundtrack is a great way to relive the movie without actually watching it. But should you get the soundtrack or the score?

The World Ends Soon – Will 2012 the Movie, Cause Panic?

Due out November 13, 2009, the movie 2012 is already the subject of much water cooler chatter. Do you think the movie will cause panic?

How to Determine the Television Performance

Television is one of the most popular mediums of entertainment in the world today. It is believed that 99% of homes today have televisions. This is why the TV companies are always striving to give their best of entertainment for the viewers.

Cut the Cable – Watch TV For Less Money

In 2008, the average American cable bill was around $71.00 a month. Could you go without cable television if it saved you $71.00 a month? That’s $852.00 a year! If you’re thinking that you’d miss out on your favorite shows, you might be mistaken. There are ways to keep up with the latest programming for less money.

LED Backlighting – TVs Are Going Green

The latest generation of LCD television technology is a whopping 40% more energy efficient than last years models. Samsung, Sony and Toshiba have all introduced TV models utilizing LED backlighting, replacing the more power hungry CCFL backlight used in previous years.

Famous Movie and Other Misquotes

Every time you’ve said “Beam me up, Scotty” or “Let them eat cake,” you have certainly been using oft-repeated lines, but Captain James T. Kirk never said the former, and the latter sentence never passed the delicate lips of Marie Antoinette. The following article will give you the lowdown on who did, or didn’t, say what.

The Wire Makes Shipping Gripping

It’s difficult to imagine that any crime drama could take the everyday drudgery of haulage work, transport contracts and shipping and make it compelling, but that’s what the second season of “The Wire” has achieved. Following on from the ground-breaking first series, which focused on Baltimore’s drug corners, the focal point of the cult HBO show moves to the dockyards and follows both the trucks leaving the docks, and drug use on the streets.