The Best Types Of Movies To See At A Cinema Brewery

Considering how popular cinema breweries have gotten over the last decade or so, you’ve probably been keenly aware of the changes the movie watching experience has undergone. This isn’t the same old theater you remember, and it’s nice to know that the industry not only took the criticism, but they decided to make it the basis of their revitalization. Here’s the real struggle with the cinema brewery – what’s the best type of movie to actually watch when you are there?

7 Classic Films To Watch If You Love Politics

Some of the hardest films to watch have to do with either domestic, or foreign, politics. It isn’t that they subject matter isn’t important or that we, as citizens of a major global player shouldn’t be paying attention. It’s just that movies that deal with politics can wear you down in so many ways including, but not limited to: emotionally, psychologically, socially, and physically. Life tends to be hard enough to deal with, and the last thing we need is to lump onto it some scathing political satire or drama.

The Best Ways To Choose New Movie Releases Might Surprise You

There is nothing like getting a whole bunch of friends together, packing into one of your cars, and heading over to the local movie theater to find which of all of the new movie releases is going to be the movie of the night. You can almost hear the groans mixed in with the cheers, but even if the movie ends up being a dud, there’s nothing greater than spending time with your little motley crew of friends.

Amityville 2: The Possession (1982) – Review

A review of the 1982 classic Amityville 2. One of the most sane, reliable and sincere works of art ever produced.

Through Heaven, Can I Enter A “Real” Annabelle Creation So That I Can Protect A “Real” Janice?

About my desire, to make the world of Annabelle Creation real. And about making Janice real.

Perfect Evolution Of Technology – Streaming Device

Technology is effecting the lifestyle of every individual. You can operate the comfort at your fingertips. Entertainment is now being served as a priority. Streaming Device is one of that gadget which is quite jaw-dropping while talking about it’s features and the price is mouth-watering.

Sitcom Characters Who Pretend To Be Married

Nearly twenty years after I was happily divorced, I still encounter occasions when I pretend to be married. When a salesman calls, I act friendly while he presents his spiel, after which I inform him that I can make no purchase decisions without consulting my wife. There are tax advantages and perhaps emotional benefits as well, and a classic episode of Seinfeld pointed out how marriage could save expenses on dry cleaning.

In Search Of: A Reboot With New Episodes and Leonard Nimoy (or a Reasonable Facsimile)

Leonard Nimoy was such an iconic part of the original series. I’m thinking the upcoming History Channel reboot needs him as much as the original did. The problem is that he passed away a while ago. So, I thought maybe the History Channel could figure out a way to bring him back? Maybe use a Spiritualist Medium or find a kid who says, “I see dead people.” Or, try some digital re-creation and voice mixing. Then, it dawned on me… All they need is a clone of Nimoy and one is readily available!

Movie Reviews – Bright

Movie Reviews this week looks at the alternative futuristic sci-fi movie Bright starring the stalwart Will Smith (Independence Day), who always brings a certain bravado, signifying a touch of danger to his roles.We join the movie finding out that orcs, elves, and humans all live together in a futuristic alternative universe, where elves are in charge; the bourgeoisie of the planet, humans are the middle class, and orcs are not just the working class but are looked down upon, by both humans and elves, the basis of this being that in some distant war, thousands of years ago the orcs pledged their allegiance to the Dark Lord, and although they lost the war, they have been underfoot in the midst of the other races from then on. It does a very blatant comparison to any unjust society through any era of human civilisation and for this, it deserves recognition.

Sitcom Characters Who Annoy Friends With Their Musical Instruments

Folks have been sharing their memories of a national toy company that is going out of business, so I tried to recollect one of the few times I ever shopped there. Since my kids are both now in college, it has obviously been quite a while that I set foot in a toy store. One Christmas my daughter topped her list for Santa with a drum set, which she of course received.

What Happens When Kim Cattrall Confronts The British Accent In The Amityville House?

An analysis of the Amityville house. And an analysis which stems from the most unconventional kind of perspective.

Ask These Three Questions Before Deciding On A Date Night Movie

For a classic first date night, seeing a flick is always a great option. Your first night out together should be fun, thought provoking, and enjoyable. The process should be easy and relaxing as well. So when it comes time to decide on which film you will watch- it shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Sorting through all the options, cinemas, and ratings can seem like a big problem. Here are three questions to ask before deciding on a date night movie.