The Problem With Entertainment News Today

The average person doesn’t get their face splashed all over the media anytime they buy a gallon of milk, a box of condoms or get a speeding ticket- is it right to force that upon celebrities just because they’re famous and call it “news?” That is the biggest part of the problem with entertainment news today, things that aren’t really newsworthy are being reported and discussed as if they were.

History of MythBusters

MythBusters is a television show that was originally produced for the Discovery Channel in the US but has recently begun being broadcast in other countries, including the UK and Australia. The show is dedicated to proving or disproving urban legends, Internet rumors, news stories, and various other myths using the scientific method.

Michael Cole – Pete Cochran From Mod Squad

Women over thirty will probably recall introspective Pete Cochran of the early seventies hit ABC series MOD SQUAD. Michael Cole, the actor who portrayed Pete, is much different spiritually today than he was then.

Terminator Salvation Enters Post-Production

In a recent announcement, director Joseph McGinty Nichol, or “McG” as he is known in the industry, announced that Terminator Salvation was well into post-production. Salvation, formerly referred to as Terminator 4, will be released on May 22nd. In this press release, director McG emphasized the film’s strong points lie with their excellent casting.

Plasma Vs LCD TV – A Comparison

Though various models of televisions based on technology are available for a consumer in the market today , the toughest competition exists between Plasma Vs LCD TV . So for the most informed and intelligent decision on the pick of the most suitable television for you, a detailed study on the advantages and disadvantages of Plasma and LCD TV is a must.

Quick Green Screen Tip + Put Balance in Your Life

Quick and dirty tips on setting up a green screen! Also bring balance in your life. We all live very busy lives so bringing balance back will help you destress.

Rob & Big on MTV

MTV has fluttered quite a few feathers apart from music. The cult music channel actually fast won over the audience with the television program- Rob and Big show. A television review went to the extent of suggesting that the show was among the best three shows ever in the history of television.

Screenwriting, Casting and Directing – Interview With Daniel Christian

Daniel Christian taught screenwriting and film history at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco, directed The San Francisco Screenwriters workshop group, and is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s film school. His students have gone to excel in the Nicholl, Disney, and Austin writing competitions. Through the process of creative writing, Daniel found a new calling as a Presbyterian minister. He is currently working on a book entitled, “The Minister Wears Leather Pants.” He and his wife, ABC reporter/producer Laura Christian, live in Washington, D.C.

Facts About Mickey Mouse – 1

Mickey Mouse has appeared on thousands of merchandise items, and currently holds the honored title of Chief Greeter at the Disney theme parks. Mickey Mouse remains a popular and well-appreciated character who functioned as a valuable purpose by bringing generations of children and adults through the demanding times of the Depression, the War Years, and into the New Millennium.

Megan Fox Broke Hearts in High School As Well As Hollywood

In 2008 FHM crowned Megan Fox as the sexiest woman alive. Besides her career as a promising actress and stunning model, the multi-talented lady has received training in piano, clarinet, singing, swimming and gymnastics. Armed with her striking looks and charismatic performances, Megan has stolen mens hearts on and off screen.

The Killer Invention of Director Oliver Stone

With Stone back in theaters with the movie “W.”, now’s a good a time to revisit the director’s most innovative film: “Natural Born Killers.” When “Natural Born Killers” was released in North America as the summer of 1994 was winding down, the movie both excited and divided audiences (the best ones always do).

The Latest and the Greatest Miley Cyrus News

So what is going on in Miley Cyrus’ life? If you’re in the dark you need to be enlightened to learn more about the latest and greatest Miley Cyrus news that is hitting the press.