Five Reasons Twilight Saga New Moon Movie Shifts Fans to Team Jacob

Fans of the Twilight Saga cannot help but talk about whether they are “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.” Find out why the New Moon Movie caused a shift in attitude to create more Jacob fans.

Is it Time to Clean Out Your Movie Database?

From time to time, you might look at your movie database and think that it’s time to clean and to organize. But as life has a funny way of getting in the way of chores, this might be a task you’ve never completed. Instead of promising yourself another time that you will clean out your movie collection, maybe it’s time to think about whether this is even necessary. And then you can begin to formulate a plan of attack to begin changing your promises into reality.

Cheap DVD Rentals – Movies For the Low Tech

Terminology such as quad-core processor, 1333MHz SDRAM, and DVI, HDMI, VGA is alien to many video viewers today. They don’t own the latest, fastest, or slickest computer on the market. Some of them live in areas where broadband is the description of the contrasting belt of material around the crown of their hat. Needless to say, the opportunity to download unlimited movies has not quite reached them. However, there still is a source for cheap DVD rentals in many of those areas.

Unlimited Movie Rentals – A Whole New World of Entertainment

Once upon a time there existed no place to rent a movie. In fact, there were no DVD players or VHS tape players. When you watched TV you viewed what came over the airwaves, for there was no cable network system running throughout the country to bring you the latest and greatest movies via satellite. But all that changed just a few short years ago so that now, at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, there is a whole new opportunity for movie aficionados.

Opposing Forces – The Destructive Cycle of the Jedi-Sith Conflict

For thousands of years, the Jedi have been locked in a deadly struggle with the Sith, with no lasting peace in sight for the galaxy. What can account for this endless cycle of war? What if the source of this escalating conflict is not the Force-users at all, but the inherent duality of the Force itself?

What is Going on With the Edward Cullen and Twilight Phenomenon?

Chances are you have either read the Twilight series, you have the Twilight series memorized or you surely know someone close to you who has. Many of you haven’t read the Twilight series because you’re usually in front of a craze like this and are ashamed to admit you didn’t read the series when Stephenie Meyer first wrote it in 2005 or maybe you haven’t read the Twilight series because it is kind of like being unique, like not having a tattoo or not being on Facebook.

Space Jam

Released in 1996, and starring Michael Jordan, famed NBA Basketball star, Space Jam was a combination animated/live-animation film which features Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes cartoon characters. It was released by Warner Brothers Family Entertainment.

Hollywood Gossip – Its Popularity

Entertainment news is now the most popular of websites and web portals. What makes these celebrity gossip units popular? Why do people crave for celeb gossip?

Bollywood, The Only Recession-Proof Industry of the World

The phenomenal achievement of Bollywood has startled the world during last two years. In spite of recession Indian Bollywood movies has been proved to be adamant in its business. 3idiots and Paa is the burning example of success in Bollywood world.

Heroes – The Fifth Stage – Episode 12 Review

It is date night on NBC’s “Heroes” for Lauren and Noah, but the date never gets off the ground. Noah discovers Claire has stolen the compass. He then fesses up to Lauren about their past romantic involvement, and they are attacked by Eli shortly after. Talk about a mood killer. The good feelings are gone and so are Noah’s Primatech files.

The Cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted on October 14, 2007 on E! Channel. This American reality television series documents the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner family which consists of the ex-wife and children of late attorney Robert Kardashian. The show, which is produced by Ryan Seacrest, is now on its 4th and last season which premiered on December 13, 2009 and will end in spring of 2010.

“Up” – A Film Reflection

Animation has come a long way since those early stick figures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So much more sophisticated now, sometimes you have to blink a few times to realize that you’re watching a cartoon.