Brokeback Mountain

A story of ranch hand Ennis del Mar (Ledger) and rodeo cowboy Jack Twist (Gyllenhaal), two young men who meet and fall in love in 1963 on a shepherding job on “Brokeback Mountain” in Wyoming. The film explores their lives and love for the next 20 years. The men look like they are out of a Marlboro advert.

Memories of a Murder

This film begins with the investigation of a rape and murder of young lady. It is based on true event which unfolds in an unconventional manner.

Letters From Iwo Jima

Clint Eastwood who is know to reinvent many formula based American films into something so much more intimate. This movie is one of his finer examples.

Rois et Reine

Mathieu Amalric also talked extensively about the style with which the director approached this film. He said whenever the actors brought an approach to the scene he would tell them to do it in the polar opposite way. But this created a different sensibility altogether and giving it a freshness which many of the Hollywood movies lack.

United 93 – 9-11 Movie

This film takes the point of a view of the 9/11 victims and shows their heroics on the plane which was supposed to crash on the White House. The trauma which these passengers had to go through is very uncomfortable to watch on the screen. We have seen the incident taking place several times on our TV screen. But never has it been so intimate yet devastating. The strength of the film is the fast cuts in the film which gives a sense of how much time did they have to take an action. The planning which went into the whole terrorist plot was probably a lot of years. But the execution was severe blow to the American community and the world.

Review – Waitress

Waitress held me for 108 minutes straight. This is a great movie movie filled with perfectly balanced moments. Moments that made me smile and moments that drew tears, moments that surprised me and moments of fear.

Eastern Promises

Eastern promises is a film which puts a knife into the audience heart and eats it for breakfast. There is a lot of explicit violence in this movie like most of David Cronenberg’s work.

Review – Kinsey

This is a story of the famous sex researcher Alfred C. Kinsey whose work was adept in the subject. The protagonist was played by Liam Neeson who takes to this role with such passion and sensitivity and gives us a very diligent Kinsey who only sought out to his work with his trademark wit and intelligence.

The Age of Ignorance Closes Cannes

Denys Arcand final film in the trilogy which delves into the dream worlds of Jean-Marc. This final installment after the hugely popular Barbarian Invasions comes as a surprise.

Good Night and Good Luck

There is something about the smoke filled screens, ironed out hair, and the way people just looks in black and white movies. They almost make them look iconic which is a credit to the medium itself.

Secret Sunshine (Miryang)

There are places in this world which are close to the boundaries of convention. One such place is Miryang which literally translates to Secret Sunshine.

City of God

There is enough and more kids with guns in this movies to make all the Americans movies drop their jaws and bow to the mighty one. This is the by far the greatest movie you have to see before you die. Some of you might already be dead.