Can You Make Money From The 1981 Film ‘Escape To Victory?’

Escape To Victory is a film made in 1981. It’s developed something of a cult following, and is a good example to show how to make money from any film ever released…

Absolutely Captivating Transformers DVD Collection

Your childhood cartoon heros digitaly remastered on dvd and ready to bring back those exciting memories.

Celebrity Culture – A Land That Talent Forgot

An article looking at modern day celebrity culture and how our attitudes are changing towards “no talent” celebrities.

FAQ – Who Created Tintin? Herge The Early Years

The upcoming Tintin movie trilogy has led to a great interest in Tintin. The much loved Belgium detective Tintin was created by Herge who is revered within Europe. Herge is not so well known in America. That will change with the Tintin movies. This article leads you through Herge early years and to the watershed adventure Tintin and the Blue Lotus.

Download Transformers Cartoons Episodes Online – First Season

I could not deny that I was an avid fan of the transformers cartoons episodes during the 80’s, and it was a very big part in the movie industry at that time. Now, I have downloaded transformers cartoons episodes online, and am enjoying it again. I have listed here the storyline of the first 10 Episodes of transformers.

Don’t Sleep – Now It’s Time For The Invasion

Review of new Nicole Kidman sci-fi movie remake The Invasion

Why Movies Can Be an Escape Hatch

What has been a pastime of millions to seek refuge within a world of unceasing pressure and anxiety? Here’s the answer that you have either grown to love or maybe should seek to have a time of respite every so often!

The Lord of the Rings: Finding Middle Earth in New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings story has captured the imagination of millions of people around the world. New Zealand has been lucky enough to be involved in this global phenomena thanks to Peter Jackson’s critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The wide-open spaces, diverse landscapes and spectacular scenery of New Zealand were the best place to film the movies, allowing New Zealanders to showcase their country and create a growing Lord of the Rings tourism industry.

1080p High Definition TV Means Consumers Get More Choice With Viewing

The hype surrounding 1080p technology from Sony has died down a bit, but the question still facing consumers is whether or not they should take the plunge.

Gateway to Relief – Movie & Concert Tickets

It would only be an understatement and repetition to state that movies or concerts are the greatest stress busters. A formula that like Harry Porters blockbusters never fail. Why only in pepping up people, they are also a sure short remedy for such afflictions like headaches.

Randy Orton – The Most Wasteful Man In Wrestling

It has recently been revealed that Triple H is pushing for Randy Orton to be given a run as the WWE champion, as Triple H believes it will benefit John Cena to chase the title for a while and that Orton his now ready to be the top dog, a position Randy Orton would already have held several times if he’d learn how to behave himself.

FAQ- Should a Tintin Movie Be Made

The upcoming Tintin movie has caused a storm of debate in Europe over whether Hollywood can bring a realistic portrayal of Belgium’s beloved Tintin to the big screen. There have been many translations of comics celluloid that have been very poor. Is the new Tintin movie going to cut the mustard?