Hollywood Baby News – Celebrity’s and Their Kids in the News

Hollywood baby news is all the rage right now among fans of celebrities. Just look at any gossip magazine currently on newsstands, and this is very obvious. Ordinary people are in awe of celebrities and how they raise their babies.

Purchase Old Movies – Find Your Favorite Old Movies

When it comes time to purchasing old movies or some classic titles, you can go about this in a number of ways. Today’s market is full of different ways to hunt down some of your favorite titles. Additionally, old movies are a great gift to give a person for a birthday, holiday, anniversary or other special date or event.

Sweet 16 Themes

Coming up with a theme for a sweet 16 party is easy. However; coming up with a theme that will work is a whole different story all together. If you are a parent trying to come up with theme then you would be well advised to consult your teen, because doing it on your own is a recipe for disaster.

The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Review

I started watching this film with all the eager anticipation of the previous two films, which I really enjoyed, and have watched several times. I have to say though this film did not deliver, and as usual for a follow up film it didn’t really add anything new. The plot was the usual fair, with a long lost emperor being resurrected, not even a true mummy to be honest.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 – A DVD Review

It’s a new day at Seattle Grace and fresh new interns have arrived. Typically in a medical drama you will see some very interesting medical mysteries, procedures and story lines that shock you and those that also pull at your heart strings. Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 DVD has all of that.

Tarantino – Best Director in the History of Directors

Tarantino was discovered while working in Video Archives, a Manhattan Beach video store. He is now one of the most highly-noted directors in history. From True Romance to Natural Born Killers, his films continue to please anyone who takes the time to watch them.

Don’t Toss the TV

There is no good reason to miss out on DaVinci himself just because you want to keep The DaVinci Code out of your house. Sure, your “enemies” may try to take over the entire entertainment industry so that, one day, there will be no quality choices at all. But just whose fault is it if you let that happen?

Pride and Glory – Best Police Drama Since ‘Training Day’!

When you put Colin Farrel, Edward Norton, and Jon Voight in the same Film you know it has to be good. From the opening credits until the end this film this movie had my attention. The Characters were well developed. Edward Norton played the part of the trusting cop who throughout the entire film is trying his best to stay honorable to his country. Norton rejoins the task force under the command of his Brother, Noah Emmerich, who is the police chief. He is the first to figure out that there might be dirty cops working in the force.

Not Quite Art – Series 2

Centuries ago, ‘art’ was something enjoyed by the wealthy upper class – for something to be considered ‘art’, it had to meet certain standard sand credentials, something only a trained artist was capable of producing. Since then, however, the concept of ‘art’ has changed considerably. Now, in the 21st century, it has been completely revolutionised. Marcus Westbury’s doco, Not Quite Art explores underground art and the culture that revolves around it.

Seinfeld – The Best Television Comedy Ever

Over the years, there have been many funny, clever sitcoms that have been written for television. Some of the classic comedic TV shows include, “The Honeymooners”, “M*A*S*H”, “All in the Family”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, “The Carol Burnett Show”, “Burns and Allen”, “Friends”, “Cheers”, “Frazier”, etc. By far, the one sitcom that stands well above this classic list is the “Seinfeld” sitcom.

Antonio Banderas to Return Home

Antonio Banderas has announced recently that he would like to return to his home country of Spain having spent enough time in Hollywood over the years. The move would be in order for the successful actor to move away from starring roles and be able to concentrate more on directing, in particular movies that as he puts it are “often suffocated by Hollywood.”

San Sebastian Film Festival

The San Sebastian Film Festival began back in 1953. It is held every year in this Spanish city, and although originally it was intended to honor only films of the Spanish language, nowadays films from all over the world are eligible to receive the prestigious awards that are awarded at the ceremony. Most winners of the awards are determined by a jury although there is also an audience award at the ceremony for the category “most popular film.