3 Things You Need to Know About Silly 3D Glasses

If you’ve seen Avatar, you’ve seen the power of 3D when used to help immerse the viewer into a story. We naturally see the world in 3D, so it only makes sense that giving a sense of depth to any movie we watch in a cinema, or any movie we watch on a 3D-TV at home will add to the experience if done well.

Ten TV Shows That Went To Rerun Heaven Way Too Soon

Here are ten TV shows over a span of fifty years that really deserved a longer run. Maybe the fact that they were intelligent and well written worked against them.

Twilight’s Edward Life Size Stand Up – 5 Great (and Hilarious) Ways to Put Him to Use

A life size stand up of your very own Edward SEEMS like something you’d want to buy, but once you do, is there really anything you’ll be able to do with him without him getting in the way? Of course! Here are 5 great (and hilarious) ways to put this masterpiece to use.

Five Great Geek Movies With a Difference That Everyone Can Enjoy

Five great geek movies that everyone can enjoy. Get your geek on!

The Advent of New Age Technology For Sci-Fi Movies

Science Fiction movies are one of the genres of films which have witnessed a lot of change in our present century. Though the concept of sci-fi films were here since the 1950s, the advent of technology and filmography techniques make today’s sci-fi films more realistic and resolute. You are led to believe in what is shown that something like that really exists in your world as well.

The Joy of Cooking Shows

There was recently a spat between a cable company in a large city and the provider of some of its channels. Several channels were removed from the cable line up, but the one that people were most up in arms about losing was the cooking channel.

Three Doctor Whos You Must See Before You Die

Since the TV show Doctor Who returned to the screens in 2005, it’s gained legions of fans, both old ones and new ones. But there’s a whole world of Doctor Who ready to be watched, dating back to the original series debut in 1963. Let our expert introduce you to the three Doctor Whos that you must see before you die.

Highlights of Steve Irwin’s Documentaries

Loved the world over by parents, children and many conservationists alike, charismatic, kooky and straight-talking Steve Irwin made his mark in his short lifetime. Here’s a summary of the highlights of his documentaries and shows.

When Are American Idol Auditions Normally?

American Idol was the first reality television show to really become a hit and it has been going strong for nearly a decade now. The first show was shot in 2002 and it is due to enter its tenth season in 2010.

Denzel Washington – Hollywood’s Agent of Social Change

Denzel Washington is with out a doubt one of the most popular and successful stars in Hollywood. But apart from his strikingly good looks, charisma and unique inflections, he symbolizes something much more serious in meaning and in depth; Change.

Spunky Girls, Quiet Boys and Korean Movies

It was this unforgettable line that makes people keep thinking why the guy in the Korean hit, even its American remake, was called “the man from the future.” “My Sassy Girl” was that blockbuster hit that people could not get enough of.

Christian Bale Needs to Get Back to His Roots

When Christian Bale had his outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation, I kind of shrugged my shoulders and mumbled “that’s about right”. Bale has been doing all of these major studio movies lately and it seems like a far cry from what he had always stated he wanted to do.