Elegy Film Story

The 2008 drama film ‘Elegy’ starring Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley is based on the novel ‘The Dying Animal’. The film was on the top 10 lists of several critics for the movie of the year awards.

Can Nollywood Clinch the Number One Spot in Moviedom?

Not in this life time! that’s wishful thinking, probably a million years from now! they haven’t even displaced Bollywood and they have their eyes set on the most exalted position in Moviedom!

How to Color Correct Your Movie

After the shooting is done, the editing is finalized, you need to pat yourself on the back. This is a major accomplishment, since many would-be filmmakers never finish the editing process.

Eraser Head

Eraser head was directed by the great David Lynch, and was released in 1977. He started filming Eraser head in 1971 after he received a grant for $10,000 from AFI Conservatory, the place where he was studying MFA (Masters of Fine Arts). However, the grant he received form AFI was not enough to complete the film, so he worked on the film until it’s release in 1977. To finish the film, David lynch had to borrow the money from friends and family.

As Seen on TV Fever in a Supposedly Responsible News Market – Part I of II

Thanks to science and shame on selective TV programming which reinstates discrimination in content type based on race, income, demographics, gender and alike. Frivolous ads popping up on most TV channels these days becomes routine: perpetrators of such a predatory business model choose a designated product life span with estimated surge in credit card purchases before going out of business by anticipation.

The Twilight Sage – New Moon Review

Short review of the movie “The Twilight sage: new moon”. Movie has it’s potential and mystery, but it couldn’t take over my mind fully.

The Great Dictator – A Hollywood Wartime Classic

Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator is known for its strong political overtones, a mix of comedy with tragedy, and as Chaplin’s first ‘talkie,’ and most commercially successful film. The movie is a searing spoof of German dictator Adolph Hitler, and the Third Reich. The film openly condemns Hitler, fascism and the Nazis all in one breath.

The Gold Rush – A Hollywood Comedy Classic

The Gold Rush, the 1925 silent screen comedy, is generally thought to be Charlie Chaplin’s most well known film. Throughout the history of motion pictures, both film critics and viewers have always considered this Chaplin film to be a true Hollywood comedy classic from the silent era.

The Theater Experience

As the economy continues to slack even lower, people find themselves in the movie theaters to get away from it all. Whether you want to laugh, cry, or just take the kids out for the latest g-rated flick, going out to see the latest big budget film is a great way to take your mind off your problems even if for just a couple of hours. The newest trend seems to be the novel to film genre.

As Seen on TV Fever in a Supposedly Responsible News Market – Part II of II

Today whenever these bogus ads are aired, the damage is viral and before you know you have already spent money just gone forever. Today on most venues a Class action lawsuit would fit in mass scams orchestrated with the complicity of major TV networks. Go online and find out any advertised stuff that seems too good to be true and find out how many folks are complaining over their scams under forms of a “bait & switch”.

Thomas Train Song – Made to Sing Along With by All That Love Thomas and His Friends

The music and sound track from “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” is easy listening music with songs that are made for children to sing along with. Unlike some creators that try to be hip and popular, this music is with the use of orchestras and bands with horns like what most high school concerts are like.

Thomas Train Pictures – The Smiling Face That Children Adore

The well known Thomas Train pictures of today are not what were originally drawn. It is true that each engine was designed to have a different facial expression but they were mostly sad expressions. The Reverend explained the reason to his son as they are old and tired engines.