DVDs Worth Seeing: The Women

Is there nothing worth seeing in the New Release section at the Video Store? Are you really tired of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. The DVDs Worth Seeing is for you!

DVDs Worth Seeing: The Judy Garland Television Show

Have you seen everything at the video store? Nothing on television? Then DVDs Worth Seeing is for you.

The Top Worst Movies That You Must Watch

Spending twenty some years of my life watching movies, I know what is good and what is bad. This is a list compiled of the good of the bad and ugly. These movies are the movies you just have to watch because words can not describe their badness fully

Private Investigators on TV – Spenser

I’m cheating a bit here because Spenser was first and foremost a book PI, not a TV one but hey, he ended up on television so I’m including him in this series.

Acting – On The Job

An article about what it’s really like on the set of an acting job.

Acting – The Agent Interview

An article about how to handle an interview with an agent.

Private Investigators on TV – The Rockford Files

Another TV great in the private investigator genre – Jim Rockford

Acting – Handling Stardom

An article about how to handle stardom once you’ve made it to the top.

Celebrity Big Brother 2006 Final

Chantelle Houghton became the first non celebrity to win Celebrity Big Brother. After three drawn out weeks, the 22-year-old shortened became the shortest favourite ever at an incredible 1/8.

Movie Industry Invading Privacy – “You Can Click But You Can’t Hide”

In a suprise move a man being accused of “Internet Piracy” has challenged the Giant Motion Picture Industry. Jay Bartels a single father of two young girls, refused to kneel down before Goliath. Mr.Bartels made it clear to the court that he believed that this was “The equivalent of the F.B.I pursuing a Jaywalker, and refused a settlement offer from The powerful and well represented Movie Industry.

Private Detectives on TV – Harry O

Harry Orwell’s background was in the police force. His career was cut short, however, when he was shot in the line of duty, attempting to prevent a robbery at a liquor store. His partner was killed but Harry was left with a bullet lodged near his spine and was invalided out of the force.

Acting – Audition Tips

An article on tips for going on an audition for a part.