Kurt Wallander – Is He the Dumbest Detective Ever?

British Detective series are really good to watch. Kurt Wallander can solve the crimes. He is just one of the dumbest detectives ever.

Superhero Movies: More Than Popcorn Films

Despite the box office success of superhero films and the depth of some of their source material, most of these films are seen as shallow, mindless movies with no serious characterization. This assessment simply is not true. Superheroes can be complex characters with well-defined personalities, and the right actors and actresses can bring these personalities to life on the big screen.

The Collegiate Life on Film

For many people, college marks the transition from their teenage years to adulthood. Many aspects of the college experience are universal, making it a prime target for filmmakers. From those first few tepid days in a dorm to the uncertainty felt by many college graduates, movies have captured these moments to varying degrees of acclaim.

3 Sources for Selling Your Used DVDs and CDs Online

As digital streaming media rapidly forces physical media into obsolescence, the time to sell your used DVDs, CDs, video games and books is now. I share my experience and recommend the best classifieds, marketplaces and instant sale websites to upload your collection.

Why Is Bollywood Famous?

The Hindi film industry based in Mumbai is popularly known as Bollywood. Each year a number of Hindi language films are produced in Bollywood and in terms of number of films produced, it is often considered as the biggest film producing center in the world.

Bollywood’s Influence on Society

Bollywood or the Indian film industry has always had a huge influence on the Indian society. People across the country love to follow popular Bollywood Actors and Actresses who set new trends for the people to follow. People have immense love for the popular Bollywood Actresses and Actors, and by emulating them they show their deep connection with the famous stars. People worship actors because of their charisma…

Top Qualities That Actors Should Possess

The acting profession is one of the most visible in the world; it is also one of the most difficult to break into. Most actors who become successful in their chosen area possess similar qualities that allow them to create characters that entertain and inspire audiences. Resilience Many actors and industry professionals would agree that resilience is one of the most important qualities an actor can possess.

Four Films Sure to Inspire

Many films leave moviegoers with a nugget of wisdom or a minor insight into the lives of others, but a number of classic cinema masterpieces take it further. By steeping the story, characters, and settings in elements designed to inspire audiences, these movies provide more than a single uplifting moment, creating a lasting sense of inspiration even hours, days, or years after the film is viewed. These films stand the test of time and are often cited by directors, writers, and actors in later generations as the best of their respective genres at evoking emotion in audiences.

The 5 Best Episodes of The Twilight Zone

The original Twilight Zone spawned hundreds of episodes, but which ones were the best? Here is a list of the 5 best out of the many that were shown, and they are sure to bring up arguments.

The Life Of Pi: My Interpretation Of The Metaphors

When I first saw the trailer to this film I thought it looked like the kind of film that is rarely made. Ang Lee came up as the director, and it appeared to be the ultimate adventure. After seeing the trailer I soon forgot about the film until I decided to go the cinema and it was showing. My expectations were neutral and open to what I might find.

Top 20 All-Time Hollywood Movies

Every year there are new blockbuster movies and potential classics that audiences can enjoy for generations to come. If you are looking for a list of great movies – arguably the best movies Hollywood has ever made, then start with this list of 20 best movies as your guide.

Look for Upcoming Bollywood Movies

The name Bollywood was created by combining Bombay and Hollywood. It is the name given to the Mumbai-based Hindi-language movie business in India. Bollywood films are usually melodramatic musicals filled with song and dance.