Film Review of Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield, similar to the Blair Witch Project, is presented as ‘found footage’ that has been shot through the video camera of a teenager in New York City. I have to admit that despite my initial reservations, and the nausea that set in five minutes into the film due to the earthquake-like camera work, I was really impressed.

How the Actor Becomes Successful in Their Profession

The actor must learn and perfect many skills before they will be successful at their profession. Whether an actor works in television, motion picture productions, or theater, these skills are necessary. They may come naturally to some of the top actors, but most have to work hard through schooling and practice.

Can Gerard Butler Bring Home the Bacon – Or Only Ever Ham?

Look what is it with this gorgeous guy? Like many thousands and millions of drooling dames the world over I have been crazy about Gerard since I first saw him in the spectacular movie version of Phantom of The Opera. He was sublime in this role – sympathetic, yet beastly.

The Magic of Clint Eastwood

This article is about the great actor and director Clint Eastwood. The article introduces the readers to some of the peculiarities of his career.

Wanted Leaves the Audience Wanting More

Following his huge Russian hits, Night Watch and Day Watch, Birkmambetov brings an action film straight to the American and UK audiences without enormous delays. Casting both top Hollywood and Russian actors, utilizing American film crews as well as familiar crews from his home country, and adding his own recognizable flair to the production, Wanted is exciting viewers everywhere. James McAvoy stars in the tale of common boy turned assassin supported by Oscar winners Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie.

The Dark Knight – An Epic Struggle

In Batman Begins, we came across a young Bruce Wayne (in the form of alter ego Batman) struggling to save Gotham City from annihilation at the hands of the mysterious Ra’s Al Ghul and the toxicity spread throughout the city by the mad Scarecrow. In The Dark Knight (incidentally the only Batman movie ever without the word ‘Batman’ in the title), we witness Batman trying to reclaim his hometown from the clutches of a seemingly insane psychopath who calls himself The Joker.

“Big Brother” Meets Takeshi’s Castle

What would you get if you were to combine the two? If you have ever pondered on that, I have….

How the Red Carpet Came to Be

If you think about the red carpet, then you probably think of celebrities at movie premiers. That is usually the place where red carpets are seen. That wasn’t the original intent though.

Persistence (Plus Talent!) Breeds Success!

One of the first luminaries in the industry I was fortunate to meet was Sidney Poitier. He had had a notable fight for his success. He was black, when black actors were not popular and he had very little formal education on his island in the Bahamas. I asked him how he managed to survive the vicissitudes of our industry.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Film Review (2008)

This film has already been made before, but wasn’t greatly received. The question is, can Eric Brevig turn the Jules Verne Sci-Fi novel into a great film that the famous novel from which the story originates from deserves?

The Pick Up Artist – Season 2

Season 2 of The Pick Up Artist approaches and the pick up community awaits with baited breath, or does it? After the excruciatingly staged first series of the program where Mystery PUA and two exceptionally strange looking individuals calling themselves Matador and J Dog schooled eight hapless AFCs on how to deliver canned openers to a series of uninterested girls, The Pick Up Artist is back. As I recall the series ended with two suspiciously good looking finalists, the lucky winner of the prestigious title of ‘Master Pick Up Artist’ being Kosmo.

Film Review of Mike Nicholl’s ‘Closer’ (2004)

This is Mike Nichol’s take on the highly acclaimed theatrical tour de force Closer, which is a very blunt and uncompromising reflection of modern day relationships. Great, another chick flick, I’ll put this on the ever increasing ‘rubbish’ DVD pile that is accumulating at a rapid rate in the corner of my living room. Or maybe not….