Understanding British English In Movies

Is it hard to understand certain accents? British slang proves we speak two different languages!

Jim and Pam – The Rise and Fall of “The Office”

Breaking down the rise and fall of the Jim and Pam saga on NBC’s “The Office”. The greatness of their beginning, and the sad downfall that has followed. Was it Michael Scott’s fault for leaving?

Go Goa Gone Movie Review: Go For It

India gets its first true-blue zombie movie in the form of Go Goa Gone, which stars Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta. Here is the complete review of what is touted to be India’s first Zombie movie, Go Goa Gone Plot: Two friends, Hardik, Luv, believe in slacking life till Kingdom come, but Hardik and Luv soon have problems in life.

RENOIR – A Film Review

This film shows Renoir in his later years dealing with his sons and a new model who has inspired him to paint with new vigor. There is beauty in the filming but unfortunately it is disappointing in its failure to capture Renoir.

The Life and Times of Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born on July 2, 1985, in West Deal, New Jersey, and was the second daughter of Lisa and Mike Tisdale. Her older sister, Jennifer, currently works as an actress. The Tisdales raised their children in Ocean Township.

Craig Robinson Continues His Rise to Fame

Craig Robinson, an actor and stand-up comedian who is known for his role on “The Office,” was born on October 25, 1971. While growing up in Chicago, Robinson displayed a talent for comedy. It was Robinson’s father who recognized his son’s comedic abilities and encouraged him to put on performances for the entire family.

Television Technologies: Plasma, LED, LCD and 3D

Television technology has grown manifold from the past few years. Of late, plasma, LCD and LED are the popular technologies. If you want to know more about these technologies, read this article.

How Indian TV Shows Changed the Lives of Viewers

The Indian television landscape is playing an increasingly important role in building the psychological and social belief systems. With a number of high quality story lines being introduced on Indian television, lives of viewers are being directly hit with strong social messages.

What Flick Takes the Trophy for April 2013?

According to box-office reports, six films grossed over $20 million in April of 2013. In no particular order, those movies were “Jurassic Park 3D,” “Evil Dead (2013),” “Oblivion,” “Scary Movie 5,” “Pain & Gain,” and “42.” Before revealing which movie brought home top box-office honors for the month, here’s a quick look at each flick.

Warm Bodies 2013 – Movie Review

Warm Bodies is a zombie based romantic movie, based on the novel by the same name, of Isaac Marion. This movie gives a new direction to the movies that fall under the category of zombie/horror genre.The main characters are Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer.

50’s Rule! There’s a Reason They’re Called Classics.

It’s definitely “Blockbuster Season” at the multiplex, but if you want to have a good time (without multiple explosions), these DVDs should do the trick! Whether you’ve already seen Gene tap in the rain, watched Gregory woo Audrey, or better yet, laughed as Tony tries desperately to act uninterested in Marilyn OR if you’re so young you can’t begin to put a face to any of those names, these movies are fun at any age.

Glee Covers Songs From The 80s

Through new and brilliant music arrangements, the generation today is now being introduced to the music of the 80s. Thanks to TV shows like Glee and to its amazing staff and crew because they continuously give new meaning and reintroduce songs that have meaningful messages which once been a significant part of lives of the older generations.