Mr. Vampire Asia Horror Movie You Must Watch

The horrors of vampires are of course not limited to the West, i.e. Hollywood. Here in the East, we too have our version, but instead of sharp toothed demons, Eastern vampires known as “jiang shi” (translated as petrified corpses) are hopping Qing Dynasty garbed zombies with outstretched arms

How Faith Changed the Life of a Farmer Forever

The life of Angus Buchan is a great testimony that will inspire you to your own greatness. From a hopeless situation transcended to levels he could have never imagined. As you go through his life story you too will be inspired to change the course of your life

IPTV Allows Targeted Marketing

The article talks about how consumers now have a wealth of options available when selecting browsing movies and television. Readers will be able to learn how, with the invention of Internet Protocol TV, viewers can be better targeted by media companies to receive the content they want most.

The Newest Mandela!

A number of talented actors had taken up Nelson Mandela role in a handful of movies, in the past, depicting the great man’s life. Now Eedris Elba puts it beyond the rest in the latest movie on him.

Judging the TV Judges’ Bailiffs

Much of daytime television is filled with court shows, which seem to be extremely popular. In the local area alone, six hours worth of courtroom dramas are broadcast between ten in the morning and six in the evening among three TV stations. All of the judges are well-known, as all but two of the shows are named after the robed, gavel-waving man or woman on the bench.

Anyone Can Be Anything in Zootopia

Zootopia is the next animated movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is a place where all animals live in peace and harmony. The film looks incredibly well thought out and detailed. Apart from the lead pair voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman, pop star Shakira is also a part of the film.

Movie Watching, The Possible Future Of Watching Electronic Human Forms On Electronic Devices

The animations of Disney films will be so spectacular when they can get to the point of creating the human image form at a level you can’t tell a real human from the electronic human image. Well, times will be a changing and I myself am hoping I live long enough to see the new electronic age happen as I stated in this article.

The Science Fiction Movies That Have That Real Sense Of Classic Science Fiction

Sure, Star Wars and Star Trek movies are two of the greatest science fiction classics ever created, but they are based in futuristic realism and not 1950’s mystical senses. The first appearance of “Star Trek” as T.V. episodes was great science fiction but the movies that came out in later years were set as futuristic realism out of the true classic science fiction sense. I enjoyed watching “Independence Day” but was excited for “Mars Attacks” which came out shortly after “Independence Day”. I was baffled at why “Mars Attacks” wasn’t released before “Independence Day” because I knew “Independence Day” was going to be a mega hit. I thought “Mars Attacks” was going to be a mega hit also but it puttered out after the release of “Independence Day”. I guess maybe the “Mars Attacks” makers thought it would do just fine after “Independence Day” got everyone whooped up into a science fiction fever but that wasn’t the case.

Top 5 Audrey Hepburn Blogs

Which blogs are providing the best Audrey Hepburn content? Read this list to find out!

Pet Birds Make For Good Sitcom Plots

Judge Judy quite often ruffles the feathers of the litigants before her, which is one of the reasons she remains one of the most popular people on television. A case on a recent session of her show, however, involved a more literal interpretation of ruffling feathers. The plaintiff had 42 birds, and she was suing a couple who had purchased two macaws from her.

The Best Hollywood Movie Channels

Watch the best Hollywood movies channel for blockbusters like Mad Max: Fury Road, American Sniper, Jupiter Ascending, Vanilla Sky, Fatal Attraction, Horrible Bosses and Richie Rich. Tune-in to your favourite films and experience the action-adventure, romance, comedy and family fun come alive over the weekend.

Too Much Television Can Harm Your Child

Television watching is entertaining and can also be educational. When children sit in front of the television they get lost in the program which if not monitored can harm your child.