Biography of Everett Freeman

Everett Freeman was born on 2 February 1911 in New York, New York. His contribution to books, movies, radio and television shows spanned more than 50 years.

Reality TV – what is it, how to watch it, and how to have fun with it

Reality TV has been sweeping the television schedules for a few years now, ever since North America got knocked over by the Survivor train. Starting with Survivor, we have been flooded with different shows such as Big Brother, The Real World, Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and the venerable Idol series. Where did it begin, and where is it going?

Dancing with the Stars: Episode 4 – Season 3

Find out from a former competitive ballroom dancer’s perspective who shined and who faltered in episode 4 of season 3’s Dancing with the Stars. You might be surprised.

The Hills Have Eyes Remake Is A Spooky Home Watch

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a classic horror movie which has been replicated in every shape and form over the years by a host of movies. Wes Craven paid homage to the storyline in the 1980s when he released the original “The Hills Have Eyes.”

The Good-Looking Cast of Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is currently the #1 television show in the universe. It’s given time slot competitor CSI: a beat down, something that the Vegas-set, formulaic,

Watching TV Has Never Been More Fun

Have you ever found yourself yelling at the TV after your team just made a boneheaded play and realize there is no one else to share your pain?

How BattleStar Galactica saved Science Fiction

In 1977, Star Wars reintroduced the world to the serialized space opera with groundbreaking results both creatively and financially.

Dancing With The Stars: Season 3, Episode 2

A recap of Dancing with the Stars’ episode 2 (Season 3). Edyta and Joey deliver the best performance of the night. Karina and Mario break the rules in quickstep. Monique and Louis burn up the floor with their mambo routine.

Dancing With The Stars: Season 3, Episode 3

A recap of Dancing with the Stars, Episode 3, Season 3. Judges get tough on enforcing the rules. Karina and Mario sizzle on the dance floor with their dramatic tango and sizzling chemistry. Edyta and Joey break the rules with lifts and a handstand. Monique continues to impress and shows the most improvement.

Who Was Charlie in Charlie’s Angels?

After the war John was asked to help Elia Kazan, Cheryl Crawford and Robert Lewis with the fledgling Actor’s Studio project. One of the students he coached was a very young Joan Collins, later to co-star with him in Dynasty.

Digital Special Effect Makeup vs. Physical Makeup in Movies

Special effects makeup in movies has evolved over the years. Filmmakers look for the most realistic effects to fool their audience. This article decribes a couple of examples of movie makeup effects. Showing the both digital and traditional makeup can “live” together in the film world.

The Office (Season 2) DVD Review

One of the best new comedies on television, The Office chronicles the inner-workings of the fictional Pennsylvania paper company Dunder-Mifflin. The name itself sort of alludes to a bureaucratic labyrinth administered by dunderheads, and in reality, it is.