The Man Behind the Greatest Modern Anime

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the popular Dragon Ball series, is one of the most celebrated manga artist from Japan. In this article, we’ll find out more about Akira Toriyama, his works as a manga artist, animator, and character designer for various video games.

Celebrity Gossip Phenomenon

What is this phenomenon? Everyone wanting to know about what celebrities are up, for example what they eat, or who they marry. But why is this?

Exclusive Interview: John Shiban, Executive Producer of Supernatural

Supernatural is a great show that currently airs on The CW. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. Supernatural isn’t publicized too highly, making it one of network

Gilmore Girls and Its Undervalued Dialogue

Gilmore Girls is famous for its dialogue. Yes, we all know this to be true, But, what this great BuddyTV article points out is to what degree this dialogue is important.

Exclusive Interview: Alfred Gough, Creator/Executive Producer of Smallville

Alfred Gough has a long history working in the comic book business. Not real comic books, mind you. Just adapting them to both TV and the big screen. However,

Stadium Seating Offers the Best Seat in the House

With so many advances in home theater equipment, low-priced movie rental options, and exciting new bonus features included with DVDs, the cineplexes had to do something to keep all those seats occupied – so they decided to change all those seats. Now for the feature presentation: Stadium-style seating, where the audience can enjoy movie magic in seats more comfortable and convenient than in most homes.

‘The Fairly Pointless Show’ or the madness of Do Not Adjust Your Set…

As part of a string of satirical and more openly, topical non descriptive shows of that time, Do Not Adjust Your Set, was seen not just as a tweenie programme but even bosses felt the financial pinch when it was discovered adults sneaking out of work early one particular day of the week to rush home for this unusual yet absurdly brilliant laughter show. Fellow humorous dialogues were already haunting the airwaves in honour of The Goon Show that had gone a decade before. Casual mixes of song and sketch came in the current affair form of ‘Round The Horne’, ‘Beyond Our Ken’ and ‘Sorry I’ll Read That Again’; the latter comprising of another ready made Python, John Cleese.

Denzel Washington-Deja Vu (2006)

Deja Vu was directed by Tony Scott, a familiar face in Denzel Washington’s career. They had collaborated on the film, “Man on Fire”, in 2004. This time, the film features less action, and the movie is more of a psychological thriller. I think they did a good job overall, in making the new film.

James Bond – Casino Royale

Another James Bond movie made, another classic to add to your video collection. Nowadays, who isn’t a fan of James Bond? This time, we have a new actor in the place of James, a British man by the name of Daniel Craig. I believe that he did a fantastic job as the main role, and they are already filming a new Bond movie with the same actor. Casino Royale is very different from your average Jame Bond flick. The action isn’t as cartoonish, and the movie has a much darker feel than the others. For some, it’s good news, and for others, it’s bad news.

The Ultimate Mobster Movies

Which mobster movies have stood the test of time? Chances are that you have probably seen them or heard lines from those movies. Read on to find out which movies make my list of the ultimate mobster movies.

Discover the Most Vesatile Size of Flat Panel TV’s

It seems that when a person is getting a new television that they want bigger and better. Yet there is one that has been very useful in so many ways, this is the 15 flat panel tv.

It’s a Wonderful Date Movie – Six Great Films For the Holidays

During the holiday season, studios launch their biggest family film releases and television networks crank out the traditional heartwarming classics of yesteryear. But who says the holidays are strictly for snuggling with the kids in front of a family film and warding off kisses from Aunt Mildred after she’s had a little too much spiked egg nog? This season strive to add more romance to the holidays by renting these great date movies that highlight the holidays. (Better yet, buy copies and give them to your favorite date as gifts.)