Movies To Rent

When you’re looking for movies to rent, does it always turn into an ordeal? Well, this list should help remove some of the confusion. Come inside and take a look at a sampling of the best films currently available on DVD and Blu-ray.

White Zombie (1932)

Most American Youth would associate the name ‘White Zombie’ with an American Heavy Metal band with a focus on old horror movies. Indeed, this ‘White Zombie’ borrowed their name from the ‘White Zombie’ film of 1932. While, ‘White Zombie’ was great band, it is information about the movie we are after!

New Movies To Rent

If you’re looking for some new movies to rent, be sure and take a look at this article. I’ve detailed some of the most recent films to hit the shelves, including Zac Efron playing baseball with a ghost and Adrien Brody getting romantic with a human/animal hybrid.

Should I Buy One of Those New 3D TVs?

The technology for 3D televisions is still at the early stages and will be developed a lot more as it gets older. The decision to buy now or wait still confuses me as I am sure it does other people too.

Make the Whole Household Happy With an HD DVR

Learning how to share is important in child development as well as being a valuable trait in life. Yet when it comes to watching ‘the tube’ in your free time, it is nice to be able to watch the programs that you most enjoy. If you want to see a movie with friends, for example, this should not be cause for quarrel with other household members watching the news. To avoid being forced into sharing, you can get multiple-room installation of satellite TV and avoid conflict.

Agora: Snippets of Dialogue

Set in Roman Egypt (391 A.D.) the film “Agora” is a historical drama showing how a teacher establishes affinity and harmony with her students. In the story is a slave (Max Minghella) who turns to the rising tide of Christianity, in the hope of pursuing freedom. He falls in love with his master, the famous Philosophy professor, Hypatia (Rachel Welsz)of Alexandria.

Mary Clay Boland’s Love of Great Acting Got Her Dream Jobs in Theatre, Television and Film

After spending an internship year at Circle Repertory Theatre, Mary Clay Boland was positive that she wanted to become a professional casting director. In this interview, she talks about working her way up as an assistant on such projects as “Law and Order” and “The Sopranos,” and had the honor of working with playwright Arthur Miller on “The American Clock.”

Korean DVDs

When I’m in the mood for some quality Asian cinema, I almost always turn to Korean DVDs to get my fix. The following films are some of my personal favorites.

Top 10 DVD Rentals

If you’re curious about the hottest movies on the home video market, then look no further than this list of the current top 10 DVD rentals. A number of genres are included, from movies for kids to sci-fi flicks featuring dreadlocked aliens.

Latest DVDs

Looking for the latest DVDs to hit the home video market? I’ve profiled some of the best in this article.

The Making Of Disney’s Cinderella Movie

Cinderella was made on the cusp between the successful Disney animations of the 1930’s and the 1940’s and the less popular animations of the 1950’s. This movie represented both era’s perfectly.

Popular Indian Documentary Films

Documentary films are the best way to showcase the plight of real life. It helps spread the message far across boundaries and helps draw people’s attention to serious social and economic issues.