Interview With “Very Little Time” Directors Todd and Tim Wynn

With very little money and very little experience, brothers Todd and Tim Wynn wrote, produced, directed, edited, and starred in the independent feature film “Very_Little_Time.” The Wynns originally intended the 80-minute movie as a hands-on learning experience to help jump-start their film careers.

Some Thoughts on “Flight 93”

Based on the trailers, I have no intention of seeing the movie, but not for the usual reasons.

“Street Kids” – as Seen in Malibu’s Most Wanted

Monday, February 27, 2006 This column is dedicated to those thuggish gangstas who relocate from inner city schools to “country” schools much like mine in years past.


Friday, February 03, 2006 The Live 8 and Post Katrina phenomenons were wonderful displays of Hollywoodism.

How a BBC TV Series About Farming in the 17th Century Was Made

What goes into the making of a BBC TV history series? An award-winning documentary producer and director reveals the ideas and plans behind a 12 part BBC 2 series about running a farm as it would have been in the 17th century. He explores what five historians and archaeologists learned when working a Welsh hill farm as it would have been in the year 1620, during the reign of James I.

Acting – Real Life Was Never This Much Fun

We all are actors in life. We just don’t get paid for it. Being someone else may actually help you appreciate yourself.

Reality Television: As the “Real” World Turns

It seems like only yesterday that all my problems started. I guess you could say I began to lose touch with The Real World. My first mistake was to even ask what seemed like a reasonable question at the time: Why am I watching a houseful of sophomoric brats argue about who should rightfully wash the dirty dishes? My second mistake was to so hastily assume such a preposterous excuse for television programming could never catch on.

Rent Movies Online – The Easy Way to Rent

Why most Americans rent movies today – how you can save money on movie rentals online. Rent movies online and save yourself time and money if renting on a monthly basis.

Gay Mobster in Popular TV Show (Sopranos)

Most people would think that by putting a gay mobster in Sopranos would totally ruin the show and have a little side story going and maybe even get the gay guys wathcing Sopranos. Yet the quite opposite happened when “Vito” from the Sopranos was discovered to be gay by two wiseguys at a gay night club. The media and the fans of the Sopranos …

The Barrettsmith Sisters – a Closer Look Behind the Curtain of American Idol

An interview with the Barrettsmith sisters who competed in the 2006 American Idol television show

A Charlie Brown Christmas (DVD) Review

Charles Schultz cast the gold standard of annual holiday classics with his 1965 creation of A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Acting Coach Makes The Movie Star

They might be multi-millionaires now but once they were delivering mail, collecting debt and sawing wood to make ends meet. Major movie stars like Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and Harrison Ford all had to start with an acting coach somewhere.