Puff, Puff, Pass a Film Review

Puff, Puff, Pass lives up to the image its title suggests. I have seen most of the stoner comedies out there. Name it, and nine times out of ten I have seen it.

Hollywood: “The Entertainment Capital of the World”

Identified with glamour, fame & fashion, Hollywood flourishes in the hearts of millions as “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. It needs no introduction among American movie & music lovers and fans of Hollywood celebrities. Technically, it is a district located at Los Angeles, California, United States, and it’s the metonym of American cinema.

Five Of The Best Car Chases In Movie History

Car chases are an extremely popular scene for a film to include. Here we take a look at five of the best to have ever been aired on the big screen.

Harry Potter the Famous Series of Eight Films

Everything went on very slowly for Harry potter at the beginning. When a copy of the first book of the series was received in the office of film producer David Heyman, he left it in a low priority bookshelf.

Gathering Feedback About Your Outdoor Movie Event

Collect feedback from attendees and use the information to make future endeavors memorable. Feedback from the audience, whether it is positive or negative, is a great way to understand the expectations of audiences.

How Reality TV Has Changed TV Forever

At this point in time, we’re moving beyond the days of sitcoms and comedy show’s. We’ve broken the norm, and found our way into the realm of reality television. As viewers, we’ve found a way to peek into the intimate lives of others.

Is Twitter or Facebook Better for Promoting Movies?

When Twitter was beginning to become a force to be reckoned with in social media, some wondered if it would one day surpass the behemoth known as Facebook. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s creation is safe, as Twitter has a much smaller base of users. However, Twitter, with its 140-character limit and ability to share with people who you don’t know, has several things going for it that Facebook doesn’t.

Hollywood Rescues A Dead Marriage in Hope Springs – Film Review

Hope Springs shows you how to revive romance even in a sexless marriage. You can use the sexercises that marriage counselor played by Steve Carrell gives screen couple Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones to rekindle passion and get the red-hot love life you deserve.

Hollywood Talent Agent Submissions: To Demo Reel or Not to Demo Reel, That Is the Question

The question of whether or not to submit a demo reel continues to be on the minds of actors who are seeking talent agents. A good demo reel is invaluable; a mediocre demo reel may prove self-defeating; and no demo reel may mean no interest.

‘The Bourne Legacy’ Movie Review

In case you were wondering, it’s never a good idea to go from seeing a movie like Step Up Revolution—-which I reviewed last week, and which required very little brain function—–to seeing a movie that, even when you are at the top of your game, is tough to follow. No one’s ever accused me of being a genius, but for the first 45 minutes of The Bourne Legacy, I was starting to worry that my I.Q. was significantly lower than previously assumed.

On-Screen Couple: McCormick and Guzman Shine in “Step Up Revolution”

When Channing Tatum first donned a white tank top in “Step Up,” few people thought the movie would launch a franchise that sent teens and adults running for the theater. The first movie introduced the plot for the latter movies. Tatum played a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who met a wealthy girl, and they fell in love through their shared love of dance.

The Journey of “Craigslist Joe”

Before the advent of Craigslist, people had to turn to newspapers for all their classified needs. The ads could be expensive and often required standing in line at a newspaper’s office to put it in. The content was edited and sometimes censored.