Gavin and Stacey – Could it Become a Classic British Sitcom?

The Gavin And Stacey Christmas special was shown on UK television on Christmas Eve and for me it was the best program I watched over the holiday period. I was expecting The Royle Family to be the pick of the bunch but surprisingly I actually enjoyed Gavin And Stacey more. So how good is this series and could it become a classic British sitcom?

Adventure Films Alive Again

Spend the evening watching a truly adventurous film. Feel like a kid again in these most exotic locations.

Raised in the 1990s? Watch Your Favorites on Satellite TV

This article is for any kid out there that came of age in the 1990s. The golden years may seem a bit behind us, but find your remote and click to one of the following films to bring yourself back to the days of Chris Farley and Jim Carrey. Here’s a guide to the movies that we watched over, and over, and over again. These are the flicks that grab your attention when you’re flipping through the thousands of channels on your satellite TV box.

Great Football Films – Friday Night Lights on Satellite TV

Friday. Night. Lights. Those three words still conjure up some of the most significant moments of my high school years. I can still remember the feeling in my gut before each game, all nerves and thrills, and the near-ritual of getting into uniform, (and I will admit right now that I was nothing more than the back-up kicker).

Evil Lite Vs Evil Dark

Most evenings between 11 and midnight I watch “Seinfeld” reruns on the little cable-less TV in my bedroom. If I had more options than rabbit ears allow I might be tempted to watch the History Channel, MSNBC, A&E or some other educational show. But Jerry and his loopy friends are the best choice for me by far in that time slot.

The Super Cool Korean Movies and the Northeast Indians

An article on the popularity of Korean movies in the Northeastern states of India, of all places! The author muses whether this is due to the racial affinity between the two peoples concerned. Note: The Northeasterners of India are largely of the Tibetan-Burmese race.

Celebrity Kids and TV

They are actors on TV. They make their livelihood on THAT screen. They clothe and feed their children with money made from the movies and television shows they star in, yet they don’t approve of their children watching TV?

Body of Lies

In “Body of Lies” we are drawn into the world of espionage and covert operations. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Roger Ferris, a CIA agent on the trail of terrorist big fish who is the head of a very big terrorist network. Russell Crowe stars as Ed Hoffman, the boss of Dicaprio or the operations director.

Online DVD Rental – Competing With In-Store Exchanges

Learn how Blockbuster intends to compete with Netflix. Also, what Netflix offers that Blockbuster doesn’t offer yet?

Lindsay Lohan – Phony Lesbian Cash Cow For Sam Ronson

Thanks to fake lesbian love, Samantha Ronson has been raking in the dineros. The club DJ and sister to hit music producer Mark Ronson and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, used to receive $1500 a night, but she now brings in $25,000 a night thanks to her very famous and very special friend Lindsay Lohan. This makes her yearly income a whopping $3 million a year; not too shabby for sticking to a relationship full of intrigue and conflict.

Adam Sandler Tries His Hand at Family – Friendly Fare

Funny man Adam Sandler, known for his crass, college boy humor in movies such as Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, as well as his surprising turn as a bona fide dramatic actor in films like Punch-Drunk Love and Spanglish, tries his hand at a new genre: kid’s flicks. His latest project is Bedtime Stories, a heartwarming comedy aimed at families. The film is his first time to work with family entertainment empire Walt Disney Pictures.

Scarlett Johansson – No Buns in the Ovens For Now

Scarlett Johansson, who has been called “Sexiest Woman Alive” and “Sexiest Celebrity” in recent years, has no plans to get knocked up just yet. The Lost in Translation actress wed Blade actor Ryan Reynolds in a clandestine ceremony last September. Despite the seeming hastiness of their decision to tie the knot, Johansson claims that she is much too young to start making any babies with him, opting instead to continue her focus on her acting career.