Green Screen on TV – Talk Soup

‘E!’ is an entertainment television channel or a satellite TV network. ‘The Soup’ was a weekly series that was broadcast on the network.

Speed Racer and the Use of Chroma Key

Speed Racer is a 2008 movie based on the popular American cartoon series by the same name, which did 52 episodes on American television during 1967 and 1968. A few episodes of the cartoon have also been translated into comic books. The story of the movie is about a young man called Speed Racer (played by Emille Hirsch) — do not be astonished because that indeed is his name — who can drive cars at extraordinary speeds and actually takes that up as his profession although he is miserable in his school work.

Personally, I’d Like to Throw the Island Off the Island – Reality TV – You’re Fired!

Well, here we are again, yes, it’s that time again, as Hollywood determines for us what we have to watch. You’d think by now they would have figured out that the viewers, yes the viewers, the users, “power to the users” ought to be able to pick which pilots they like and vote on them. So, we know that “Two Men and a Child” is out along with Charles Sheen who got his rear-end laid off like so many other Americans – I can hear Warner Bros.

The Real Housewives of Miami Finally Debuts

The Real Housewives of Miami has just debuted but there doesn’t seem to be anything much happening. Does this surprise anyone? Has reality television gone too far? Who would really be interesting in a show of this nature? The South Beach show is not quite as hot and sizzling as it was expected to be.

7 Khoon Maaf Movie Review

Expectations always make it harder and especially if you happen to be Vishal Bhardwaj. Since Maqbool, every Vishal Bhardwaj film has been looked at with great expectations and to be honest the filmmaker hasn’t really disappointed. But nothing lasts forever and perhaps for the first time really Bhardwaj lets you down with 7 Khoon Maaf.

Get to Know About The Best Movies Of All Time

Trying to categorize the best movies of all time according to genre can be a nuisance. Each year comes with its own movie which always seems to be better than the previous year.

Oh Oscar Awards 2011!

It didn’t make any difference to the Academy that historically The King’s Speech might not be as true a story as it claims to be. The comparatively small ‘Brit’ film about a monarch’s struggle to overcome a speech impediment has caused the most upsets at this year’s Oscars.

Movie Review – True Grit

With True Grit the Coen Brotehrs’ play to a genre for the first time in their long and exemplary career but when it’s the Coens, even the straight and simple Western undergoes a transformation. The last 20 minutes of True Grit is where everything comes together in a manner you least expect.

The Fighter Movie Review

One could be right in thinking that there might be nothing new in The Fighter. It’s a true life biographical tale, it’s about boxing and it’s about how an underdog rises to the occasion. Guilty on all counts but dismissing The Fighter as yet another boxing film would be a big mistake. Of course, it’s predictable but like some good films this one’s not about what happened as much as it’s about how it happened.

Want to Watch Good New Movies?

The movie industry in the world has grown in popularity and it is a multibillion-dollar business from Hollywood to Bollywood; many fans have kept themselves glued to the screens over the decades with new releases happening all the time. The movies can be watched at home or in movie theaters.

The Influence of Richard Pryor

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to laugh. If you disagree with me, just ask any person who has been given a few months to live or any cancer patient that has been sick for a number of months. The magic of comedy has been known to heal people, not just emotionally but physically as well.

Best Comedy Movies – Want to Enjoy Your Time?

Comedy has been part of life over the ages and it will continue to be as it offers the best form of entertainment to its lovers. The industry is growing with each passing day as they experience great demands for comedy movies.