The Dead Seek Revenge

The two and half hour horror flick directed by Vikram Kumar known for his award winning short film- “Silent Scream”, tries very hard to lose the expected cliches in a Bollywood movie of this genre but succeeds only partially. Instead of abandoned bungalows or scary folks 13 B uses the idiot box aka the television as the medium of horror transmission (does “The Ring” ring a bell to some extent?)

Battlestar Galactica – A Military Infraction Hotlist

Despite Ron Moore’s attempts to have Battlestar Gaactica portray a realistic depiction of a fictional military he continues to have at least one character commit a military infraction per episode. Don’t believe me? Check out out BSG Military Infractions Hotlist!

The Rock Moves to Hollywood

Before he made it to Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson was known as the Rock, a bone-crushing, chest thumping wrestling super star, member of the Nation of Domination.  He won the WWF Championship a mere two years after joining the WWF; he was a nine-time World Heavyweight Championship.   Before that, Mr. Johnson was a collegiate football player, who enjoyed some success, although he never did make it to the NFL Sunday Ticket. Now, this multitalented hulk of a man, with his Paul Bunyan like build, and his chiseled looks is making a name for himself on the big screen. He has played the typical action gung-ho action star who is all muscle and little else. But now, slowly he is being transformed into a leading man. The question is, will he be able to make it? Will straying from his tough guy roots, see this half Samoan former wrestler fall on his laurels? Watch his transformation throughout his movies on satellite TV, and see for yourself, if you think he’s got what it takes to move beyond his roots.

Best Modern Biopics on Satellite TV

The biopic is an interesting variety of movie. Literally, it is a biographic picture, which depicts the life of some famous personality on the silver screen for all the world to see. What’s interesting about these movies is the portrayal-how today’s Hollywood stars can channel the great characters of the past. There have been many biopics made, and they’ve experienced something of a revival in recent times. These stories cover everyone from famous sports stars to war heroes to presidents and country singers. Find the latest and greatest biopics by opening up your satellite TV guide.

Being Charlie Kaufman on Satellite TV

Charlie Kaufman is known for writing somewhat offbeat, odd pieces that combine despair and comedy. His work is absurdist verging on neurotic; but it’s that very idiosyncratic quality of his that attracts legions of admiring fans. Kaufman isn’t content to write big Hollywood drivel that’s going to win lots at the box office, but doesn’t really have any feeling behind it. Kaufman wants to get at certain truths, he writes what feels truthful to him. He is protective of his work, he’s passionate and he has a sort of sports man’s touch in knowing what sort of plays, in the verbal, narrative sense, work and what doesn’t. You can catch much of his oeuvre on satellite TV.

Need Decorating Tips? Look No Further Than Satellite TV

Redoing your bathroom? Looking to update your chest of drawers to match the new HD TV console that you recently installed? Want to figure out how to liven up your bookcases? Lucky for you the Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) craze is sweeping this fine nation of ours and offers you countless venues for inspiration. Perhaps with the commercialization of so many of our modern day processes and with machines mediating so many of our interactions, doing things yourself has resurfaced in younger people because they are desperate for ownership of their time and their things. Nowadays people even self-reference as DIY’r; instead of paying professions they create and repair things for themselves and want you to know it. For these North Americans looking to make their own way, large hardware stores have replaced their high-end department counterparts. Why buy a bookshelf when you can make one? Why pay someone to retile your bathroom when you can do it yourself? But even if you someone who is great with handiwork, everyone gets stumped from time to time with inspiration.

Well-Being Brought Home, To Do and Enjoy!

It is raining, yet again, and though you awoke with a desire to hit the gym, you no longer want to head outside and get wet. Understandable. Starting your workout wet is no way to begin. Instead, stay inside and do your own workout. Let’s think of alternatives? You could run stairs for an hour (though it could get tedious after awhile), or make every bed in the house, very, very quickly. Not enticed? What about turning on your high definition TV and starting your workout from your living room? Don’t have HD? No problem, all you need is satellite tv and you are ready to break a sweat (and then make a healthy lunch for the fam).

Review of Arsenic and Old Lace, 1944

Frank Capra’s fim about the one sane member of a quirky clan is slapstick, fun, and a little creepy. In the just-over-a-decade from 1934 to 1946, Frank Capra hit his stride.

Watching NCAA Mega March Madness on Satellite TV

Are you gearing up for the painful upsets and incredible rivalries of March Madness? Have you already blacked out the dates of each game that you want to see? Are you waiting with baited breath to find out whom your team challenges first? March Madness certainly lives up to its name; these 64 games are some of the most watched sporting events of the year, drawing in more viewers than the Super Bowl or the World Series. While you can certainly watch March Madness (at least a fraction of it) through other providers, satellite TV remains the only programming provider to bring you Mega March Madness and all that it implies.

Mumblecore on Satellite TV – An Introduction

You may have recently caught wind of the phrase mumblecore. It is indeed a recent invention, a neologism that reminds you of some sort of indie band whose music videos are played on satellite TV. So, just what is mumblecore? It is not a new type of clothing fad, nor is it some sort of new addition to the world of sports. Mumblecore refers to the emergence of a set of independent films that focus on young twenty somethings who seem to meander through their lives like ambitionless, but amused creatures. They are content to sit down and watch Japanese anime in high definition, while holding down minimum wage paying jobs. Much of a character’s time, in a mumblecore flick, is spent holding forth on trivial things, on the latest movie, or some unrequited love affair. Conversations among friends drive these movies. Often, besides chatting and watching the satellite TV, a pair in the group of friends will fall into some sort of bed ridden romance of their own, but usually the whole thing pans out to be nothing more than flirtation.

Not a Science Buff, But Want to Be? Learn From Satellite TV

It’s hard to admit for some people, but sometimes science just doesn’t make sense. With more and more talk of global warming and climate change, asteroids and carbon footprints, the more it is hard to ask for a time-out to define terms and understand historical contexts. To make sense of all the terms thrown out by modern media take so much work, a lot of times the science jargon goes right over our heads. Fortunately for all of us, we live in a technological age, which is brim full not only with science, but also the resources needed to understand it. Especially if you have school age children, doing your own homework will teach them that learning is a lifelong process, and that it can also be fun.

From Words on a Page to the Big Screen

Books have been the inspiration for many a film. However, just because a book is a great read, does not necessarily mean it will make a good film, no matter how great it looks in HD, or no matter how many stars it has got in it. It takes some skill to translate words on a page to a sweeping epic on the big screen. There have been many successes and probably even more failures. Here’s a look at some of the best film adaptations around. Consult your satellite TV guide for show times.