Top Five Teen Movies of the 1990’s

Whether you are a movie buff with a library of DVDs and the latest HD flat screen TV, or a casual viewer with nothing more than a Blockbuster membership card, you can usually admit one thing: a love of teen movies. Though they may not take home the awards or win critical praise, teen movies offer us hours of entertainment, while helping us to relive those awkward high school days.

Do You Have ORD?

How do you know if you have ORD? We guess if you say Uh huh to most of the symptoms below, then you sure have it. Fear not, it’s not life-threatening (as long as you don’t forget to breathe it isn’t).

Secrets of Genre

What’s my genre? That’s the single biggest question you should ask yourself when that great premise idea first pops into your head. Why? Because of the First Rule of Hollywood.

The L Word Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

The L World had been a controversial but a very famous show on television for its exploration of the world of Lesbians. While portraying gays and lesbians on TV is not very uncommon, the difference is that the show managed to show a different side to it, the result being that the show had a huge fan following.

Roger Deans Avatar

Roger Dean has been one of the most widely respected album cover artists since the 1970’s. Since his early success with the progressive rock band ‘Yes’, Roger Dean has produced work for a number of other bands and has been involved with hundreds of other projects, including Virgin Records first logo.

Robert Zemeckis One of the Prominent Hollywood Directors

Robert Zemeckis can be placed in the ranks of those prominent Hollywood directors who have made a mark in film history by making some of the excellent Hollywood films. The use of state-of-the-art technology, dark comedy, broad humor, and effective story telling techniques are notable characteristics of his films. His films never remain bound to particular film genre but spans across various genres.

The Switch House Awards in the Bindass Big Switch TV Show

The Show is based 10 super rich and 10 slum buddies. Each super rich are paired with a slum buddy. The Super rich have to perform some task to change the life of slum buddies.

Why Valentine Movies Make Good Business

Every year, Hollywood does not fail to produce Valentine-themed movies. Movie studios always make it a point to bank on special seasons like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day is no different. How many of us can say that we don’t like romantic films or that we don’t have any favorite romantic film at all?

The Story Behind ‘Brief Encounter’

Millions of people throughout the world have watched the award winning 1945 movie, Brief Encounter. The film tells the heart-wrenching story of a middle class English wife and mother of two children, fatefully brought together in a brief encounter (hence the movie’s title) with a doctor. The action or rather the lack of it, for the affair of the heart remains unconsummated, mainly takes place in the austere surroundings of an urban railway station during the last months of World War II.

Avatar – A Film Reflection

As James Cameron’s “Avatar” rolls out to 3D and IMAX screens across the nation, it becomes very clear that we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! As a kid I grew up watching “The Wizard of Oz,” the most spectacular movie of its time, every year from the 1960’s through the 1980’s. I remember the year my parents purchased a color TV in 1966 and having all my friends in the neighborhood come over to watch it.

Gripping Documentary Television – “Vanguard” and Its New Approach to News

It doesn’t take very long to get news fatigued when watching television, especially if you’re navigating the hundreds of channels on satellite TV and stuck in the section where talking head after talking head is offering the same soundbite opinion on everything from the economy to global warming. And in an age of faster and faster information, it seems that traditional standards of journalism–with beat reporters and those who are well versed in the subjects they cover–have fallen by the wayside to large-font headlines and a general desire to grab the already attention-deficit minds of most who have been raised on quick-cuts in commercials and zooming angles in sports matches.

White Cyclorama Studios – Indispensable

The white cyclorama has become an indispensable tool of our times and without it, quality and film creativity would have been thrown out the window a long time ago. It developed from the model of the German theater and has improved over time, making it more and more convenient to the users. The improvements that the white cyclorama has made to the quality of motion pictures and photography in our day and age are indispensable.