American Idol Season 9

It is that time of the season once again when America will be given an opportunity to choose their next pop sensation while few of the nation’s top young and bright stars will make it to the auditions of one of the largest shows on prime time TV -American Idol. This 2010 marks the commencement of American Idol Season 9 where the infamous judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell will share their expertise on electing America’s next star.

Tobey Maguire

One of the most cherished names in Hollywood entertainment that has managed to craft his very own niche in the film fraternity is Tobey Maguire. This superstar who has managed to enchant his audience with a varied chemistry of abilities has outperformed himself in his acting skills where he has contributed his expertise by performing in films in all genres.

Avatar Review

James Cameron waited 12 years to follow up his mega blockbuster Titanic but, at the end of 2009, he couldn’t have chosen a better time to return to his thrown as the king of big budget cinema. Cameron’s newest film Avatar is a revelation; a godsend: proof that there are still people in Hollywood who know how to make something meaningful and coherent with $250 million (or however much it cost).

Screenwriting Technique #1 – Story Structure is the Key to Success

There is a system of thought known as the As-If Philosophy. In a nutshell, the As-If Philosophy says: We know we will die, but we act “as if” we will live forever. The ironic result is that our lives are not nearly as fulfilling as they could be.

Conan O’Brien

Every weekday evening, the world gears up to see their number one talk show host Conan Obrien shake a leg and share some insightful stupidity on the world where he places world politics, Hollywood gossip and latest events on the headlines of his show in a light and humorous manner. His achievement has been credited over the years by NBC where he used to host The Late Night Show.

Jay Leno

In the heart of talk show entertainment, there has been one media giant that has managed to craft out their very own niche in the field of prime-time television. NBC and the Comcast Group of Companies have been pioneers in the field of talk show entertainment where they have consistently outperformed themselves with their top-of-the-table rating shows.

Leno Vs Conan

With the latest controversy between media giants Comcast and NBC, there has been a lot of talk around the development of the late night shows hosted by Conan Obrien and Jay Leno. Leno, who retired from “The Tonight Show” late in 2009, was refilled by a man who would seem fit to step into the shoes of one of America’s most influenced socialite.

The Heart Break Kid

The Internet movie database (IMDB) has given some of the best ratings in the world today to movies released all across the globe. One formidable romantic comedy released in 2007 is the brilliance of acting put up by Ben Stiller and Malin Akerman. The combined duo produced “The Heart Break Kid” – a romantic gesture featured with committee in its appeal so as to create a fantasy which most people go through.

Review – In the Land of Women

The directorial and writing brilliance of Jon Kasdan, his instalment of the 2007 motion picture “In the Land of Women” has been one of the greatest films of his career. Holding an IMDB rating of 6.8 and placed in the genre of comedy, romance and drama “In the Land of Women” has been one of the most sought-after movies across the world.

Avatar, Culturism, and the Death of the West

Avatar, the movie, illustrates all that is wrong with multiculturalism and shows how it threatens Western civilization. This film is easily summarized. It is the good indigenous people fighting the bad U.S. military.

The “Twilight” of Stephanie Meyer’s Success

Twilight has become a monster hit both on bookstores and on theaters worldwide. Here’s a background check on the lady whose dream became the biggest grossing reality.

Screenwriting Technique #4 – 10 Story Techniques You Must Use to Sell Your Script

The key question that all screenwriters should ask themselves is: how do I write a script that Hollywood wants to buy? Most writers mistakenly think that success is all about connections and star power. Not so. The real trick to writing a script that will sell is to know and use Hollywood’s central marketing strategy. And that can be summed up in one word: genres.