The $30 Movie Ticket – Would You Pay?

Variety posted a press release announcing the planned construction of at least 50 new Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas. Featuring some very lavish amenities, including nice seats and upscale food, the ticket price is reported to top out at upwards of $30 to $35!

The Things Movie Web Geeks Don’t Want You To Know

After writing for a few years, I soon discovered the tricks of the trade. Readers of popular media outlets get to see the positive things writers get to do. We make friends, we get to travel, and we love to entertain you in the best way we know possible. However, we are human and none of us are perfect….especially movie web geeks. We all mostly share the same flaws and weird quirks that we don’t like to admit, and you will usually find us making excuses for them if they’re pointed out to us. So here are some things that you might like to know about us that we would all like to take to the grave.

The Bachelorette 4 – Episode 2 Recap

First, a correction to the episode 1 recap: the single parent to a 3 year old son is Jason, a 31 year old account executive living in Kirkland, a Seattle suburb. I incorrectly identified KC barbershop owner, Ron, as the single parent after Ron revealed to DeAhnna that he is divorced. If divorce hasn’t been an issue between DeAhnna and any of the other bachelors, are we to assume Ron is the only one to have been married before?

Download Bleach Anime Videos At The Minimum Cost

Many anime fans look for ways to download Bleach anime videos from the Net – either for free or as cheap as one can get. This is understandable: after all, this highly popular manga series is comprised of 150+ episodes and downloading them all would mean spending a huge sum, which the majority of anime fans cannot afford even with all their love to this Japanese cartoon style.

The Reasons Behind Japanese Anime DVD Downloads’ Fame

What are Japanese anime DVD downloads and why are they so popular? Why not go to a DVD store and get the anime movies you want or, maybe, take them on rent? Read on and you will get the answers to your questions as well as many facts and details you might not have been aware of before.

Blu-Ray Movies – The Future Of Cinema

The advanced blu-ray movies are really entertaining as they offer wonderful displays and flawless playback. People are ardently admiring this new age format for video playback as it is highly advanced and efficient.

Shah Rukh Khan Presents His Film “Om Shanti Om” At The BERLINALE – Berlin Filmfest 2008

He was the true star of the BERLINALE – Berlin Film Fest 2008: Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood mega star. Invited by the festival’s commitee for the German premier of his latest home production “Om Shanti Om” and as a special guest in a lecture about “Love International” along with Maria Schrader, the German actress and director and the Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw-Nuttall – hosted by Dorothee Wenner.

Do You Want To Download Transformers The Movie? Here’s How!

Even before Transformers the Movie came out in theatres in many parts of the world, everybody had already been practically talking about it. You can buy a DVD, or if you have a computer, you can download Transformers the Movie into your PC.

Things You Need To Know To Download Transformers The Movie

If you have not yet seen the movie Transformers the Movie, quite possibly, you are just one of the very few who have not. Do not be in despair, though, because there are a couple of other ways by which you can see it and gasp in fascination at its stunning effects, both audio and visual. Either you get yourself a DVD of the movie, or download Transformers the Movie to run in your computer.

Bollywood Billionaire Makes Hollywood Movie Deal

Bollywood media firm Reliance Big Entertainment, which is run by Anil Ambani – the sixth richest man in the world, has announced that it will be making 10 Hollywood movies for one billion dollars. In order to do this, Reliance has signed deals with the production teams of the Hollywood stars Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt. However, it is unlikely these films will be traditional Bollywood titles.

American IDOL A Sham?

From Ametuer to IDOL. Who checks the votes and is it popularity vote or talent vote? Biggest Hoax since reality TV was invented.

Top 5 Famous DNA Tests

DNA tests are not usually mainstream news on the world’s media, but that isn’t to say there aren’t important or high profile DNA testing cases to report. In fact, over the last few decades DNA testing has played a growing role in the way we analyse the past and the way we interpret our future.