I’m Still Here Reviews – Joaquin Phoenix

We’ve watched this evolution of the I’m Still Here documentary about Joaquin Phoenix, and it seems like a great publicity stunt for a very eccentric guy. Phoenix is an interesting one and this seems like the type of project he would love to do to mess with everyone. Or it’s a sad portrayal of a life in a downward spiral.

Is Blockbuster the Best? Online DVD Rental Review

It’s a name that will forever be synonymous with DVD rental, and Blockbuster wisely chose to branch out into an online service in 2002. Online DVD rental from Blockbuster has developed significantly, and the introduction of a subscription service in 2004 greatly improved the service.

Lovefilm Vs Blockbuster – The Battle for Best Online DVD Rental

They are undoubtedly the two heavyweights of online DVD rental; Lovefilm and Blockbuster boast a huge library of over 60,000 titles each, and both have developed a globally recognised brand name and enormous customer base. Does anything separate these two giants of movie rental, or does it simply depend on which website looks a bit nicer?

Lovefilm DVD Rental Review

Lovefilm has moved swiftly to dominate the UK online movie rental market. Starting as a small online rental service in 2002, and re-branded as Lovefilm is 2004, it now boasts an incredible, extensive and eclectic DVD and Blu-ray rental library of over 65,000 titles. This is already enough to add plenty of gravitas to the argument for Lovefilm as the king of online DVD rental.

May – A Hidden Best Horror Movies Treasure

We were nicely surprised when we saw May for the first time. It was one of those stumbled upon films with no expectations, and I was immediately both drawn to and repelled by Angella Bettis’ portrayal of this very disturbed and very sad young woman. Basically the girl is really messed up, but yet I kept feeling sorry for her. That is what makes me put May on our list for best horror movies ever.

Aliens Behind the Couch Or How to Set Up Your Surround Sound System

Just purchased a home theater system? Learn how to set up the speakers for an improved surround sound movie viewing experience.

The Best James Cameron Films Of All Time

There is little argument that James Cameron is one of the greatest minds, if not the greatest, behind the lens in Hollywood today. It seems that every film Cameron comes out with is revolutionary in its own way. He is never afraid to break new barriers and try things that have never been tried before.

The Best Quentin Tarantino Films Of All Time

Few directors have such a distinct style that you can tell a movie is theirs without any previous knowledge. In my opinion, one of those directors is Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino manages to showcase his personality and unique sense of storytelling in any movie he is associated with.

Fictional Character – Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

A story bound character, Lorenzo von Matterhorn, is quite popular nowadays on the internet. This character appeared in the CBS sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Do You Know About Lorenzo Von Matterhorn?

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a very popular figure. He is a fictional character appearing on the show ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

The Young Poisoner’s Handbook – Movie Best Not To Be Forgotten

We saw The Young Poisoner’s Handbook way back when it opened at the Angelika theater in 1995, and it was such a cool experience. We had just moved to New York City and were watching every indie film we could. Oddly when I took friends to see it, some were a little awkward after the film wondering why I thought they would enjoy it. So then we discovered Crumb and didn’t take them to that.

5 Films Only for HD TV Sets

Since the arrival of HD TV technology some years ago, it has been clear what a difference the format can make. Old black and white films which were runny or blurry have snapped into form with the technology, and the new action and fantasy films have been taken to the next degree. These days, you cannot do a film justice if you are watching it without HD technology.