The Biggest Box-Office Winners of January 2013

January is often considered a “dead zone” for the movie industry. Typically, movies released at the first of the year aren’t quite good enough for Oscar contention, nor are they exciting enough for the coveted spots in spring and summer lineups. However, several excellent movies were released in January of 2013, driving film lovers out of the cold and into the theater.

Bruce Willis: A Biography

Bruce Willis sometimes struggled with a stutter when he was in school. His classmates often made fun of him, sometimes going so far as to resort to name calling. Now that Willis is a legitimate action hero, anyone would likely be hard pressed to find one of his former classmates who would make fun of him.

Identity Thief Movie Review

Rating: R (Strong action and bloody violence throughout, some language) Length: 111 minutes Release date: February 8, 2013 Directed by: Seth Gordon Genre: Comedy What would you do if your identity was stolen-by a woman? That is the premise behind this comedy. Directed by Seth Gordon, “Identity Thief” offers an amusing take on a subject that-given it serious consequences-receives very little coverage.

“Lay the Favorite” – Safe Bet or Long Shot?

If you’re not one for placing bets, the title of this movie may be slightly misleading at first glance. Give it a closer look, however, and you’ll see that there’s more to this movie than the title alone suggests. Based on the memoirs of 36-year-old American journalist Beth Raymer, “Lay the Favorite” is a lighthearted comedy about her brief foray in the sex industry and her experiences in the fast-paced world of sports gambling.

Lincoln (Without the Vampires!) a MUST SEE Movie!

Lincoln seems to be a hot topic in theaters this year. I’m not sure why this is so, but first he’s hunting vampires and now he’s freeing slaves. Go Abraham! I must start by saying that this movie was incredible. Truly. It was brilliantly (and I mean freaking BRILLIANTLY!) cast, and the acting, script, scope and emotional impact was extraordinary.

What Worked and What Didn’t in the New Spider-Man Movie

Who doesn’t love a great superhero story? I’m a big fan, after all, the Forbidden Mind series, while a paranormal romance/thriller, can also be described as a super hero series with an X-Men flavor. So I was excited to see the new Spider-Man movie, and we made it a point to take our kids to it yesterday-the day after we got married! If you’re looking for a good holiday or summer flick, The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb, is an excellent choice. For a remake, it had a few fresh takes on the classic Spider-man tale that I really enjoyed.

Monday Mornings on TV

David E. Kelley writes a new TV show, Monday Mornings. The title is based on the dreaded M&M conference held on Mondays. Doctors have to take to a stage to explain the death of patients.

Review: A Good Day To Die Hard

I have never witnessed the death of something. Until now. Ladies and gentlemen, the beloved Die Hard franchise has been destroyed like Nakatomi Plaza.

Shows To Watch In An At-Home TV Marathon

Sure you could watch a movie marathon, but these days, the trend is turning to TV marathons. With TV shows easily available on DVD or Blu-Ray box sets, there’s nothing quite like sitting and indulging in an old or new favourite in the privacy of your own home. The primary joy with TV marathons is the fact that a TV series continues, disc after disc unlike a movie that finishes in two or three hours time.

The Imposter

Sometime shortly after the New Year, I read an article online which listed the best 2012 documentaries. As I read the descriptions and watched a few trailers, nothing really jumped out at me (other than The Invisible War, which I had already seen). Eventually I came across The Imposter. A boy disappears from a small Texas town after leaving the house to play basketball. He is missing for years and presumed dead. Then, one miraculous day, he is found. In Spain.

Bollywood: Top 5 Female Lead Singers

Bollywood isn’t just about movies. Whatever you may perceive it, one thing is certain – it is something where everything is stunning and beautiful. This does not exclude the charming lead singers behind great Hindi movies, who did not only impart their stimulating voices but are also credited for their appealing looks. In view of this, below are the top 5 hottest lead female singers

Five Things You Should Know About “Django Unchained”

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most popular and successful independent film directors of all time. His most recent film, “Django Unchained,” earned millions at the box office, garnered nominations from different awards shows, and introduced a new group of fans to the director. Even those who saw the film multiple times might be surprised at some of the facts about “Django Unchained.