Vampire TV Shows Over The Years

Twilight is just one of the most recent series of books and movies to turn young audiences to a mystical world of Vampires. Here are some TV series that have revolved around them.

Origin of Cable TV

Who says that only well-off individuals have the right to enjoy a good movie at home? Radio waves are being used for TV signals around the world until now. It might sound primitive but still very effective and cheap. But unfortunately, radio waves can’t reach all areas in the state or country it is located. People living in remote places cannot enjoy the TV shows shown on TV since the radio waves cannot reach their area.

Coolest Movies of 2006

V for Vendetta: Revolution! A very cool subject for a movie, especially when the revolution is lead by a mask wearing government experiment. Based on the graphic novel of the same name it raises questions about the role and power of government which everyone should be worried about.

Australian Action Movie Gets Good Reviews

Tomorrow When The War Began movie is getting some great reviews. It is also doing very well at the Australian box office.

Most Popular Movie Posters

Choosing those movie posters that are just right for the walls of your game room, office, movie room, etc is a very personal thing. What movies have you enjoyed over the years?

Movie Review: Mee Sindhutai Sapkal (The Lady Who Created Her Own Future)

The biographical movie showcases the journey of survival of Sindhutai Sapkal who grew up in the interiors of Vidharbha who had to beg for money and food to earn a living for herself as well as for her young daughter. While all was lost in the battles of life the only thing that propelled Sindhutai in the forward direction was the lamp of hope.

Best Sci-Fi Movies

Here is my list for the best sci-fi movies. One thing is true while trying to list the best sci-fi movies, there are so many to choose from! Inception After this movie I can not imagine what Christopher Nolan will come up with next.

5 Reasons Lawyers Should NOT Create a TV-Style Video Show

Maybe you like watching Oprah. Maybe you like watching 15 to 20 minute online videos. Maybe you think that you have useful information that people want to watch and you think an online video show is the way to go. Maybe you’ve seen some of the big internet marketers create TV shows online and think you’d like to do the same. Then again, maybe you haven’t. Here are the 5 top reasons attorneys should not create a web-video show:

The Best Must-See Will Ferrell Movies

Will Ferrell is a very funny man. He’s been noted as being the Chevy Chase of our time. His movies have affected pop culture in ways I bet he or his agent never thought possible. Below is some of his best work and most popular movies.

Coolest Movies of 2007

Smokin’ Aces: The critics really labeled this one a stinker. But it made the list of cool movies, which it definitely is. A crime movie worth the watch.

How to Make Documentary Film: The Ken Burns Method

One under-explored method of low cost film production is a documentary short which is essentially a “super-charged slideshow” (for lack of a better term) in which a filmmaker uses pre-photographed photo stock much in the style of a Ken Burns documentary. This can be a very effective method of communicating ideas at very low cost. In fact, beyond the cost of editing software and time, it can be totally free.

Closed Captioning Great Libraries

Not surprising as a closed captioning provider I am a huge library fan and consider the creation of libraries one the greatest accomplishments in history. One of the most fascinating closed captioning projects we were involved in was closed captioning a new TV series featuring libraries, created by Great Libraries of the World (GLOW).