Desperate Housewives – A Must Watch TV Show

Would you like to know one of the must-watch TV shows in current times? Desperate Housewives! No, before you dismiss it and think that the name itself sounds stupid, try just watching the Pilot.

American TV Shows Have Mass Appeal

The best thing about American TV shows is that they have mass appeal. They are great for an American audience that spans ethnicity, gender and age. The American TV shows make anyone laugh, cry, identify with the drama, and generally get sucked into the show.

American Television and the Effects of Popular Culture on the Society

How American society perceives itself is largely affected by television these days. A large section of the population identifies themselves through popular culture as depicted on the television; their visions are colored by the ideas that the numerous tv shows present. And we cannot be judgmental and trash them all because we are the ones who enjoy watching these shows making them huge hits with the public and helping producers make money and introduce more shows like these.

American Television and American Lives

Television has brought a social revolution in America. Coffee shops and bars have become cool new places to hang out in every time you go out with friends. Suddenly vampires and werewolves are not evil anymore but gorgeous people to swoon over and loving individuals to fall in love with.

American Television

Do you high five people like Barney Stinson? Or secretly hero-worship Neal Caffrey? Do you think you sing as well as Gabriella Montez?

American Television – A Journey

The history of American commercial television is very fascinating. When televisions were first invented and started catching on with the masses, nobody could imagine the huge worldwide impact the fondly nicknamed ‘idiot box’ will have on the society. But it did happen.

American Popular Culture As Portrayed by Televisions

The television, which is also fondly nicknamed the ‘idiot box’, has become a necessary evil in most American homes. Most people cannot imagine their lives without the television. They cannot imagine making through the day without watching their favorite tv shows like sitcoms, reality shows, musicals, chat shows, news, games etc.

All About Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is definitely one of the best TV shows out there. It’s one of the best TV shows coming from ABC. It stars Ellen Pompeo as the narrator – Meredith Grey.

A Few American TV Shows That You Must Watch

What is life without a few good TV shows? There are so many of them – starting from The Simpsons to Friends and Seinfeld. Here are a few of the American TV shows you must watch.

The Internet Has Revolutionized TV Watching

You can use the internet in so many ways as far as TV shows are concerned, and in fact you will find that sometimes just simply watching the TV shows that you miss online is a much better option. However, not just if you want to watch the shows that you are missing online, but even for other purposes the internet serves as the best source for current information.

TV Show Fans Can Make a Difference

Did you know that fans of TV shows over the years, have actually helped preserve their length of life? There have been so many instances over the history of American television where fans who were too depressed about the TV shows of their choice being scrapped that they actually were involved in campaigns where they struggled to get the shows back or not stop at all. Show producers and even channel producers in order to not anger their loyal audience, because this could actually affect their entire channels’ ratings negatively brought their shows back.

Talk Shows Are Ever Popular

Whether you have been aware of this or not, the fact remains that talk shows have been one of the cornerstones of TV shows ever since cable perhaps existed. People do just love to watch other people talk, before they even became popular TV shows, there were similar things on the radio as well. However, the original talk shows that were TV shows were perhaps simple shows where guests came and spoke to the host of the show and answered questions, but today’s popular TV shows that are based on the same model have so many segments and…