STDs in Film

STDs have played a starring role in many films, and not just to encourage STD testing. Here are four to watch out for.

Superman – A Cultural Icon

Superman has become a part of our culture. There are three levels on which Superman influences us – on ethical level Superman represents good human values, on philosophical/metaphysical, it brings humans to self-contemplation, on a psychological level Superman influences the psyche of a growing child.

How Can You Make 18th Century Literature Funny?

Ricky Gervais is a funny man, he is also an inspiration to many people as he has managed to single handedly craft himself a career off the back of the successful office series, which has lead him to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and films and award ceremonies. Ricky’s latest film which has just been released on DVD is the invention of lying in which he plays a film producer who is tasked with making film about 18th century literature. It is something that you find out over the course of the film has held him back and…

Cable Television Loses Its Genre – Specific Offerings

Think back to when cable TV first appeared, could you remember how different it was back then? Going back about 20 years ago, cable TV had quite a few differences compared to what we have now. Back then, many of the channels were split up into niche channels.

The 2010 Oscar Nominees For Best Picture

March 7th 2010, the time that all those film fanatics will be waiting for. The Academy Awards will see that Hollywood is working nonstop for the next month.

Kids’ Movies – 6 Unforgettable Movies For Children That Adults Will Love Too

Animated films these days are virtually on a par with traditional movies. Actual actors are replaced with animated characters, using the voices of these famous actors. Usually these characters also display one or more traits of the actor either in physique or in on-screen character. And in doing this, some films really stand out and become unforgettable not just to kids, but adults too.

Top 10 Romantic Comedies

What are the top 10 romantic comedies of all time? That’s something most romantics would surely love to know so here is list which has been prepared by combining the box office earnings of these films from both domestic and international sources. How many have you seen?

My Look at the Criticisms of Avatar

I know this appears to be a fluff piece; however there are many political and religious criticisms about the movie, justly or unjustly by a variety of authors, known and unknown. I thought it prudent to examine some of the more common ones.

Watch Full Length Movies Online With No Download – The Dirty Truth Behind It

Movies are great! They can take you just about anywhere your imagination will allow you to go. You can find yourself in the heat of a safari.

The Best Dramas on Satellite Television

While we often love watching television to have a good laugh and enjoy some mindless entertainment, we also love the shows that make us cry, think and feel something deeper. While modern television is certainly marked by vapid reality shows and thirty-minute comedies that rely on cheap humor, there is still an abundance of quality television that will give you something more. One-hour dramas have long been popular with television audiences, as they give us the chance to really care about the characters and become involved in their lives. Here is a list of some of the best dramatic programming on satellite television today.

Shake Hands With the Devil and the Law of Attraction

The Movies “Shake Hands With the Devil” is a moving and heartbreaking movie about the situation in Rwanda when Romeo Dallaire, a courageous Canadian man, was there and dreamed of the possibility of a peaceful Rwanda. What he was not aware of, is that that was not in his power at any time. The people of Rwanda had to want peace more than war, and they did not have that. The Law of Attraction is always just. They received the emotional equivalent of what they were offering emotionally.

Twilight Lifesize Standups – Edward Vs Jacob

There has always been a competition between Edward and Jacob, the two men seeking a girl’s love and admiration. Throughout the books, Bella swapped her favor back and forth between the two, at least outwardly. After having analyzed this, it has been shown that the sales in Twilight lifesize standups has also reflected this change. Let’s discuss why this might be.