Watching TV Big Brother 8 After Dark on Showtime’s Showtoo Channel

You’ll see the Big Brother 8 house as you’ve never seen it before as Showtime gives us 3 hours live per night 7 days a week to spy on what is really happening in the Big Brother 8 house.

I Loved (My) Los Angeles

I was in L.A. because “Purple Rain” was scheduled to premiere there. The city was abuzz with excitement. I remember Donna Mills flirted outrageously with my good buddy Bob Brooks at the after party. Beautiful cars, beautiful people, money, money, money.

“The Departed” Is Best Mob Film Since Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather” in 1972

Let me get to the most important thing first – Director Martin Scorsese won an Oscar for “The Departed.” Scorsese, one of the most accomplished directors of our era, has been nominated for 7 Oscars – 5 for Best Director and 2 for Best Screenplay – before winning with The Departed. The Departed is simply the best mob film since Mario Puzo’s original Godfather in 1972. Besides Scorsese, The Departed won for Best Picture, Best Screenplay (William Monahan) and Best Editing (Thelma Schoonmaker), giving The Departed 4 Oscar wins.

Voice Talent Can Make Or Break Your Animated Production

When you are faced with hiring voice talent for an animated film, there are certain things you have to know before you proceed. You can’t just decide to make a production and then go cast voice talent and hope everything turns out all right. Even if you have done a lot of work on the script, it is not going to come together unless you hire the right people for the spots. No matter how good the lines are, if the voiceactor does not deliver them properly, then your idea is not going to be realized.

Is the Last Game of Quiditch Over for Harry Potter?

Has reading being influenced by Harry Potter and who will take over when the series has finished?

Gangster Movies – America’s Love Affair With The Bad Guy

No matter how much we like to see the good guy triumph in the end and those who have committed crimes be punished for them, we can never quite shake off that sneaking enjoyment that comes from bad guys doing what they do and being good at it!

X-Men Movies – Rogue and Lady Deathstrike

Notice any differences between X-men movies Rogue and Lady Deathstrike in X-men comics? If you’re shaking your head, you should be reading this article.

The Outsider’s Tool to Break Into Hollywood

This article will discuss the basics you need to know in order to attend pitchmarts that are open to the public which will give you access to real Hollywood Producers.

Hey Paula-Reality TV Review

I have watched a lot of Reality TV… It makes for good copy for when I’m strapped for something entertaining to write about. There have been shows where I find myself asking, ‘Why?’ Why would intelligent people sit and watch such obvious crap? Anyhow, here is my take on Bravo’s “Hey Paula”

The Most Overacting Actors – Take a Little Drama Off the Top

There are people in life who are exceptional actors, actors who could make you believe just about anything. Then, there are actors who aren’t necessarily horrible, but their tendency to overact makes them about as believable as the Easter Bunny. Take myself, for instance, I am an overactor. I can’t appear in front of an audience without overacting. I can’t even stretch the truth without being completely dramatic. For me, it’s a shame: I like to be on stage… and I really like to lie.

Pause My life? Not Without My Dish Network DVR

How Free Modern Entertainment Technology is Shifting Time and Saving Money

Discover How To Download Free PSP Movies

Sony PSP is so popular with gamers, they can play games anywhere and anytime with their PSP. But PSP is a multipurpose piece of gadget; it is not just for games but you can also watch movies and TV shows. Watching movies is another cool feature of PSP that you can enjoy but investing on UMD movie disk is expensive and you have to pay for every single movie. Fortunately, the internet allows you to download free PSP movies and here are some options for you: