My Top Five Favorite Bill Murray Movies

Bill Murray is one of the greatest comedic minds in all of the entertainment industry. His humor is definitely dry, to say the least, but he has been in so many great comedies over the year that I have lost count. After going through a list of all the great movies he has been in, it is safe to say he is one of the modern kings of comedy.

Good Movies to Rent for Halloween

Halloween is always just around the corner, and I’ve prepared a list of horror flicks guaranteed to scare your socks off (assuming you’re wearing any). Some are gory, others are funny, but all of them will provide the chills you’re looking for.

Drama Movies of the Past

If you love drama movies you might find that the really good ones come and go and many of them don’t measure up to your expectations. One of the best ways of finding great drama movies to watch is to look to the past. There have been many great drama movies that present day movie watchers do not take the opportunity to watch and missing out of some of these would truly be a crime.

Celebrity Designer Glasses – Who’s Wearing What

Celebrities always get their hands on the latest fashions first. In this article we will cover many different celebrities and what designer glasses they have been caught wearing.

Easy Superman Costumes

Finding the perfect Superman costume for Halloween or a themed party is easy! Learn the easiest way to find the perfect Superman suit no matter what size you are searching for and no matter what your budget is. Should you make you own costume or purchase one? You will learn about the best way to shop for a Superman costume.

The Greatest Films From Director Christopher Nolan

This article will discuss some films from one of my favorite directors working today, Mr. Christopher Nolan. In recent years, it would seem that anything Nolan chooses to touch turns to gold.

A Movie Review of “The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole”

This is just my movie review of ‘The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole’. This review would include a brief summary of the movie, some of my observations about how it was made, and my impressions as well.

The Greatest Films Starring Michael Douglas

This article will discuss the movies and career of one of the most famous actors around, Michael Douglas. Aside from his marriage to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas has done pretty well for himself. He has had a slew of Hollywood hits and continues to get great work to this day.

Margaret Cho Is Eliminated in Week 3 of Dancing With the Stars

Actress and comedienne Margaret Cho was the third celebrity eliminated on Dancing with the Stars season 11. She and professional partner Louis Van Amstel were eliminated during week 3 of the competition.

The Greatest Films Starring Viggo Mortenson

When it comes to listing my favorite actors in the movie industry today, one person who I feel is often overlooked is Viggo Mortensen. There is no doubt that Mortensen is one of the more talented actors out there, so maybe it is his decision to choose less mainstream roles. If that’s the case, then all the power to him!

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – The Trivia Game

The trivia game known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is entertaining for all fans and movie buffs. Discovering how to play it might seem awkward at first, but give it a try. You just might get addicted!

The Greatest Films From Director Michael Mann

This article will focus on the movies of director Michael Mann. Michael Mann has been a mainstream director for over thirty years, but he truly hit his stride in the early nineties. Ever since, he has been churning out great films and while he is getting older, if the work is there, shows little signs of slowing down.