The Political Documentary Film

Over the past few years it seems as if the political documentary film has come from out of nowhere to become one of the most popular film categories with the general public. The reasons for this are no doubt many and varied, but in my opinion the two main factors which have contributed to this trend are the rise of globalization and the current war on terror.

Peaceful Warrior – Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Peaceful Warrior is an inspiring movie which teaches us to listen to our spirit guides, because they will always lead us in the right direction. Socrates was a physical manifestation of Dan Millmans spirit guide. Sensing that Dan was headed in a bad direction, Socrates taught his philosophy to Dan.

1980s Cartoons – Not Nostalgia – They Were Just Better

Youtube can be a very naughty thing, especially when you have a ton of things to do. Last night my long-suffering girlfriend and I, both of us with projects to work on, spent a total of three hours watching intro pieces to 80s cartoons. Bear in mind, with each one lasting around a minute, that’s a hell of a lot of cartoons we got through.

Kung Fu Panda

After a few days of enjoying the movie Kung Fu Panda, I thought it is the perfect combination of two most famous Chinese elements – Panda and Kung Fu. More than just a box-office hit in China, animated Hollywood comedy “Kung Fu Panda” has led Chinese artists to find fault with their own film industry and call for more freedom on culture and creativity.

“Rigged” Casts Taekwondo Star

Blockbuster movie Rigged, due in the fall of 2008, is directed by Jonathan Dillon and stars Rebecca Neuenswander as its strong and sassy hero. Recruited by a crooked manager to the illegal boxing world, Kat soon learns she has an aptitute for rolling with the punches, both in and of the ring. A model and Taekwondo champion, Neuenswander also works with orphans from her native Kansas City.

The Movie Psycho – New 2-DVD Edition

Mention the “shower scene” or the Bates Motel and chances are people will instantly recognize you’re talking about the unforgettable 1960 movie thriller Psycho. Newly released in a 2-DVD edition, it is set to scare a new generation of horror fans!

The History of Walt Disney

A trail blazer in the field of animation, Walt Disney was an animator, film director, screenwriter and film producer. Walt Disney’s hometown from 1906 to 1911 is a little town in north central Missouri, 6 miles south of US Highway 36 on Missouri Highway 5. In no longer than 10 years of his emergence in Hollywood in 1923, Walt Disney was renowned around the world as the creator of Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies like Three Little Pigs.

Central Casting – Dagmar Talks About What a Casting Agent Wants

Dagmar and her business partner Carol started one of the first casting agencies in Washington, D.C., in 1970. Since then, they have been the leading casting agency to book union and nonunion actors, voice talent, and models for work in film, television, industrial presentations and print advertisements in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond markets.

A Diva Called Marylin Monroe

Marylin Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. The official name of Marylin Monroe was Norma Jeane Mortenson and she was later baptized Norma Jeane Baker. Norma Jeane spent most of her childhood time at orphanages until 1937.

Where Can I Purchase Movie Posters? Internet Auction Sites Are the Answer!

It’s uncommon for people to know where to purchase movie posters. Most people aren’t avid movie memorabilia collectors-they are just after a poster to give as a gift, or to decorate a room in their house, or simply because loved a certain movie. For whatever reason, these people have something in common- they asked themselves “Where can I purchase movie posters?”.

Dark Knight Batsuit – Bulletproof of Bulletworthy?

In 1966, Bruce Wayne, played by Adam West wore gray leggings with his trademark mask to portray the original Dark Knight, Batman. Since then, the Dark Knight Batsuit has undergone many transformations.

Lord of the Rings – The Trilogy

This is an excellent film that is based on Tolkien trilogy. It is incredible the imagination of Tolkien that apart from creating a completely new world, also created a new language. The transition to cinema of the trilogy Lord of the Rings made by Peter Jackson it is also to be congratulated, because the special effects are superb and effectively transporting us to the World of Fantasy that Tolkien created.