Christopher Nolan’s Amazing Track Record

This article takes a look at the amazing track record of Director Christopher Nolan. His most recent masterpiece is Inception.

Dinner For Schmucks – Review

Dinner For Schmucks was a pure delight from first course to dessert. However, for those of you who don’t know about its origins, here is a quick history lesson.

The New Panasonic Viera Tc P50s2-1080p Plasma TV With Neo PDP

Panasonic introduces the new Plasma HDTV revolution. The Panasonic TC-P50S2 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV FLAT PANEL PLASMA series.

Ninja Assassin and Its Roots

As I introduced the most amazing graphic gory violent ninja movie titled Ninja Assassin has gotten some HARSH reviews from several people I have read online and from a few friends. HOWEVER, once you know the history of Ninjutsu (art of the ninja), you will see that this movie is an amazing piece of work. This movie is actually…

Best and Worst Computer Hacking Movies

I was watching a movie the other night that had such bad hacking ‘skills’ displayed that it was laughable. I thought that it would be a great idea for a story! So with that said I present to you my list of the best and worst hacking films of all time!

The Movie Inception Takes Lucid Dreaming Mainstream

In the movie Inception, people can create dream worlds from scratch and even jump between multiple dreams that are buried within other dreams. Could you turn your nights into a dimension of awe and wonder, and reclaim those lost eight hours every night? Could you replace your boring dreams with vivid adventures?

Annie Gets Her Gun

For teens, the popular trend in TV and movies lately is definitely vampires, but what about for older audiences? Law & Order, N.C.I.S. and countless other cop shows may be popular enough to stay on the air, but what about new shows?

Portrayal of Gender Role in Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives, a show on the ABC network in the USA is definitely a woman centric show and has been running for the past six seasons with a seventh season in the pipe line. This show critically is seen to be a portrayal of the gender roles that women play in today’s society and their relations with the men of their house and how mindsets change and it can get sour at times.

Mr Scrooge

Mr. Scrooge was born in Glasgow in 1867. He has appeared in books, television and film.

Unforgettable Film Soundtracks

A soundtrack can make or break a film. Here’s a run down of some of the finest film soundtracks of all time!

Inception “Keeps Your Dream Alive”

Inception is an incredible movie with an unusual story lineup. Sunday night I watched this movie, I was mesmerized with the concept and imagination of the writer.

New York by Way of Purvis

Lacey Chabert, a third grader at the time, gave no indication fame resonated in her future. A Purvis, Mississippi child who seemed void of musical talent, perplexed us all when she left for New York. As her Minister of Music at First Baptist Church, Purvis, I was more selfishly concerned about losing her mother, my church pianist. Julie knew more about Lacey’s potential. They were New York bound and the rest is history.